French Bulldog Rides John Deere Toy Tractor Around the Yard

If there’s one thing I bet you humans can agree about with dogs, it’s that we love walking. Well, news flash! We don’t always love it. Sometimes the pavement is hot, or our feet are still asleep. And I am the pro of not walking. I mean, I’m a French bulldog – have you seen the size of me? I’m not like those big woofers that can sprint around the yard, then do a few more laps around the block. No way. That’s a bit too much for a petite pooch like me. You need an Instagram buddy, then pay me a visit! Otherwise, my frame was built for a softer life.

Usually, I’m more of a homebody. Netflix and sleep are more my jam! There’s this new show that’s been added that I’ve been dying to see.

Anyways! It’s plain to see that I hate exercise, and I’ll do anyyyyyyyything to get out of exercising. If I could go for walks in my human pup’s wheelbarrow, I would! And my latest plan to get out of exercising has been to hitch a ride on my human’s tractor.

It’s. So. Fun! This tractor moves like a car, but it’s slower and I can feel the wind! I’ve never seen another dog do this – did I invent it? Oh boy, maybe I can set some kind of record! Imagine that, setting a record just by laying down. That’s the dream there, isn’t it?

It’s Time to Zoom Around On My Tractor

So how do I do it? Well, I just climb aboard! No need to wait for something to start or for a human to climb aboard and call me. No no no! I just get on all on my own and get things started! It’s a self-driving tractor, so I don’t need to take any tests or get any licenses.

The only time I might need some human help is when the tractor starts giving me trouble. It’s the worst! Dogs aren’t cut out for doing car repairs; they should really make tools that we can use. Well, until that happens, any time there’s a tractor hiccup, I just have to wait patiently while my human does the dirty work.

Overall though, it’s super fun! 10/10 would recommend. I guess tractors are also good for farms, so maybe I’m even helping my humans by doing this? I’d be happy to help – so long as I don’t have to, you know, start getting off the tractor and planting seeds or anything. Any jobs that involve sitting on some kinda car and letting it do all the work is right up my alley.