Frank The Wiener Dog Meets New Hedgehog Brother For The First Time

Watch as Frank the Weiner dog and his brother Uni the hedgehog first meet each other.

Can Dogs And Hedgehogs Be Friends?

It is possible for dogs and hedgehogs to be friends, but it is important to take into account the individual personalities of both animals. Some hedgehogs may be intimidated by dogs, while others may be more curious or brave and willing to explore.

If you’re thinking about introducing a dog and hedgehog, it’s best to start off slow by having them meet in a safe, controlled environment like your backyard.

Supervise their interactions at all times and give them both plenty of positive reinforcement when they behave well around each other. With time and patience, your furry friends just might become the best of buds

Dogs and hedgehogs can be friends because they are both mammals. Both dogs and hedgehogs have fur, give birth to live young, nurse their young with milk, and have body temperatures close to the human body temperature.

puppy and hedgehog

Are Hedgehogs Aggressive To Dogs?

It’s not the hedgehog that is aggressive, but rather dogs that are aggressive to other animals. Hedgehogs will usually run away if they see a dog approaching and may even hiss at them.

It can be very scary for a human who isn’t used to seeing this type of aggression in an animal, but it doesn’t mean the hedgehog wants to fight with the dog or feel threatened by him – it just sees him coming and knows he should keep his distance because there could potentially be conflict (even though most times these two peacefully coexist).

dog and hedgehog toy

Hedgehogs can be aggressive to dogs. In fact, the Hedgehog Defense Society reports that one out of five hedgehog attacks on humans is due to a dog.

The HDS attributes this high statistic to several factors including unprovoked aggression by the animal and/or its fear or confusion induced by loud noises or bright lights which may cause it to lash out at anything nearby. So if you have both an indoor pet and outdoor companion during the winter months it’s best not to take any chances – make sure your furry friend knows his boundaries!

hedgehog in hand

How Do Dogs React To Hedgehogs?

Dogs generally react to hedgehogs with curiosity. They may approach the hedgehog cautiously, sniffing it and appearing to be unafraid of its spines. If the dog is not threatened by the hedgehog’s quills, it will often play with them or lie down near them for extended periods of time.