Fishy Kisses: Bulldog Smooches Koi Fish

Today was a good day. My mom took me to the park and then let me stop by the pond to see those big orange swimmer guys! They smelled super yummy, and I really wanted to try and snack on one, but that didn’t seem too terribly nice.

Instead, I just kinda hung out and watched them go by. I thought for a second “Maybe these are sea floofers?” But they didn’t look like sea floofers…

So what the heck are they? I’ll have to do me an investigation. Just going to sit over here and observe for a second, don’t mind me. Just observing, sir.

Oh, hey there little guy! Don’t mind me, I’m just leaning in to get a closer look. Like I said, just trying to do me an investigation! You are heckin’ cute, aren’t you buddy?

I wonder if my mom has treats for this little dude? I saw someone throwing in something that looked like kibble when we first got here. Those little guys started flopping all around trying to get to their dinner.

I just need to figure out where to get it from, and what these things are!

Will you please hold still? I told you! I am doin’ me an investigation! I need to see if you are a floofy boi or what you are exactly…

Alright, my mom has confirmed what I believe to be true about you. You are… a fish! A big Koi fish! That’s why you smelled so yummy. But don’t worry, I am a heckin’ good boy. I will not eat you (at least, not right now. I’m still full from my breakfast).

My mom also told me just how big these guys can get, up to 2 feet long! That is longer than my tail! I wonder where they will go if they get that big? Or maybe they just stop growing once they start to run out of room in their pond?

Why do I feel like this fish is giving me the stink eye? I’m sorry, sir. I was just trying to do me an investigation and learn about you. I am sure you are a very nice fish, and I mean no harm to you.

But… hey!

Whoa there buddy, we just met! Did you just kiss me? Yuck! Mom!! Tell this little swimmer to stop kissing me! Now I have to go home and wash my nose before dinner. Ugh.