Firefighter Dog Helps to Pull Rope to Keep Everyone Safe

Humans have lots of jobs that help keep everyone safe. There are doctors and police officers, and of course firefighters!

Firefighters are tough guys and gals that keep everyone safe from, you guessed it, fires! Whether you’re in a big house or even just an apartment, they’re there to make sure you don’t get hurt. And the best part? They accept volunteers!

I love helping firefighters. I’ve been working with them for a couple of years now, and I’ve been able to help with so many different jobs ands situations! It’s so rewarding.

The Firefighters Had to Cut Down A Tree

Although I can’t go into burning buildings, I can help with other things, like rescuing cats from trees and breaking up bonfire parties. It can be hard work, but it keeps the town safe.

One big way I can help is by providing some extra muscle. That can be anything from bringing tools to helping carry something heavy. That’s when I’m most useful, and when I’m most happy! Every so often, someone will even record a video of me and send it to my humans, so I can relive the moment over and over again!

The Firefighters Used A Rope to Pull Down the Tree

Doggos are pretty strong, so when it comes to providing some strength, I know I’m making a difference! Pulling rope, dragging fire hoses, all of that is with the help of pure doggie muscle! The best part is immediately seeing how my help makes the firefighters’ job so much easier. They don’t have to spend so long dragging something heavy, and can get to the more important work quicker.

It’s always so fun when I have to pull something, because I get LOTS of exercise! Sometimes running around and digging holes just doesn’t give me that same kind of exercise that doing big, strong firefighter work does!

Although at the end of the day, these humans are pretty good at what they do. Once I help, I step back and let them finish the job.

I Help The Humans Pull The Tree

I had to do lots of training and work to get to this point. Every doggie volunteer has to go through lots of schooling. We train, watch videos and run drills for weeks and weeks until we get our final tests. If we pass those, we become official volunteer firefighters!

My class had a few other dogs in it, and they all went off to different firestations after graduation. That was a couple of years ago. I wonder how they’re doing now, and if they’re still doing this?

Are The Humans in the Neighborhood Laughing at Me?

Humans are always surprised to see a dog helping out firefighters. I guess it hasn’t been a thing for a while, and even when you do, they’re always Dalmatians! Why Dalmatians? Us other breeds can be just as helpful, too!

But they always understand that I’m working hard, and never interfere in the middle of work. I do get head scratches afterwards, though!

Phew! Another night of hard work behind me. I can’t wait for my next shift in a couple of days. Until then, though, lots of bacon snacks should be waiting for me at home!