Excited Pup Runs Into Snow, Immediately Runs Back Inside

This hilarious dog was very excited to run out into the snow… That is until he realized how cold it was outside!

Dog Walks on Front Paws Like a Handstand to Avoid Snow

Some people like the cold. Like, they really like the cold. I’ve even heard some humans and doggos say they prefer the winter to the summer. What? That’s insane! But to each their own, I guess. As much as I like winter, I just can’t get over the chill and the snow. It makes me feel like I’m in Antarctica!

And nothing is worse than walking in the snow. Grrrr it’s the worst! Why can’t they make snow boots for doggies just like they have for people? Our feet get cold, too! And the only thing worse than two cold feet? Four cold feet!

But it’s okay! I have workaround for this. I just walk on two paws! Like a handstand! Genius, right?

This makes it way easier to warm up, and if I get too cold on my front paws, I can just switch to my other paws! Quarantine has made me quite the thinker, huh?

Two Cold Paws Are Better Than Four

The only reason I’m even going outside is to help my humans. There isn’t enough snow that they need to do a whole lot of cleaning up, but they still need to get the snow off the deck and driveway. And I have to be moral support! My humans always go faster with their cleaning if I’m outside jumping around. They must like seeing me happy so much that they want to take me back inside to play! Or maybe they think I’m getting hungry and are rushing to feed me…

Either way! I get the results I want when I come outside with my family to shovel. So I’m here. Even though it’s cold and snowy. Be strong, Spike.

Wait a minute! I do have snow booties! Where the heck did I put them? Goodness that would’ve made today so much easier. Oh well. I’m already out here, might as well get this over with. Maybe for being so tough I can get a treat afterward? I do love those bacon treats that my humans just stocked up on…

You know, growing up I had a husky that was my best friend. She loved the snow, and always liked the cold more than the heat. She had a trick for me to keep comfortable when I was outside in the cold – keep moving and using your muscles!

I bet if I do a handstand or even start running around, I’ll warm up even in this cold! I’m gonna try it in a second. Oh, I hope it works! She used to be able to spend hours outside just fine, so I bet she knew what she was talking about.

But until I can work up to a run, handstands it is! It’s like when you have to get into a cold pool on a summer day. Just a few minutes to get use to the temperature, and then you can move around more. Until then, I’m off!