Excited Lab Puppy Disappears in a Leaf Pile to Fetch Ball Before Splooting

Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves on the trees die and all fall to the ground. What a mess they make. My human takes so much time raking them into piles. I don’t know what he does with them then, but I love those piles – because I get to destroy them!

Actually, it’s his own fault that the leaves get all spread around. He takes a ball and makes me want to take it from him.

Then he throws it into the leaf pile. What is a dog supposed to do? Of course I have to get the ball. It’s just something I must do. I run as fast as I can and take a flying leap. Swish! I am into the pile, scattering the leaves all around. I need the ball. I need to find it. Besides, I get to destroy the pile!

When I’m in the pile, I wiggle around a lot, making sure that I spread the leaves. I want my human to think I am looking for the ball, but I am really just trying to make a mess.

When I bring the ball back, my human does it all again. This time, it’s my tail that almost gets lost too. Why does he carry on and on? Doesn’t he want the leaves to stay in a pile?

Sometimes I think my human just loves to work.

Okay, so now I have the ball. Shall I take it back to him? If I do, he’s just going to throw it into the pile again. And I will get to jump in there to get it. The last time, I spent a long time shuffling around in the pile. So much dust! I tried to wave my tail to tell him that I give up. You know how people wave a white flag when they surrender?

It really is so much fun, though – destroying my human’s piles of leaves. Have you ever tried it? You should. Just dive right in and have some fun.

After a while, it gets a bit boring, though, and I just want to sploot. Especially after so many leaves and so much jumping.

I love a good sploot! It feels sooo good when I get to keep the ball. I won! My human tried to hide the ball from me, but I found it and now I have it. I won’t give it back now.

Phew…what a day! I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!