Enjoy These 17 Puppies Having a Bath

1. Alright. Well I just finished rolling in the dirt, mom. Now I’m just going to have to do it all over again.

cute brown puppy


2. I don’t know what the others are grumbling about; there’s nothing better than a cold bath on a hot day.

dog bathing


3. It’s not the water or the soap I mind so much, it’s the indignity of it all.

pomeranian bathtime


4. Hey… do you know what’s going on? No? You? No? Me either. Well, if it makes the human happy.

puppies bathing together


5. This is funny now, Brent, but tonight I’m going to steal your shoes.

jack russell puppy


6. I don’t understand. I just got out of the lake. Out of the lake, into the bath, humans make no sense.

nova scotia bath


7. I guess the bath part is fine, but I hate it when she puts on the t-shirt.

golden retreiver puppy


8. Alright, I really feel like you’re just mocking me, now.

goldendoodle puppy bath


9. At my size, a plastic bowl is basically a spa!

little puppy bathing


10. So, we have to do this every day? Even if we like our dirt?

puppy bathing with girl


11. What? No, I’m jazzed. I can’t wait to run around at a break-neck, lunatic speed all over our house.

black lab bath


12. You do feed and house me, I suppose I can let you get away with this just this once.

pitbull getting bath


13. When I said I wanted to go everywhere with you…

puppy with suds


14. What do you mean, “Not Edible”?

cute puppy bathing


15. Alright, Fluffles, build your courage up. It’s time to make a break for it.

labrador retriever puppy


16. Maybe this will go faster if I just go boneless.

puppy beagle bath


17. Human, I don’t know why we go through this ruse. I’m jumping into the trash the second you let go of me.

Puppy bath