Don’t Embarrass Your Dog with Awkward Photos – Like These 23

I love humans, but I have a beef about some of their pictures. (Mmmmm, beef. What was I talking about?)

Right. Awkward pictures don’t show us in our best light, but they sure do make our humans laugh. It’s almost like they want us to look silly when they share our pictures with friends. Here are some of my friends in their least favorite pictures.


dog face blow wind

I changed my mind. Using the leaf blower to dry off – bad idea.


sheepdog staring

Why are you bagging my poop? Is it for evidence? I swear the cat ate those muffins.


funny face

The neighbors are doing karaoke outside again.


dog smiling

My human says these new CBD treats will calm me down. I dunno if I buy it.


dog rolling in grass

I love a good, aged smell. The stink from yesterday is even better today!


boston terrier

This is what I think of your vegan jerky treats.


dog shaking water off

I call this one my vortex of blur dog. Whoa – dizzy.


black dog

Spoiler alert – some of those shells have things living in them. And those things have claws.


white dog jumping fence

I think I see some dead fish to roll in! Oops, a little help here?


pug dog

Yoga is my time to re-center until I relax enough to fall over.


dog looking up

So, I put my paw here and…. The flash is off, right?


dog smiling

You adopted another cat? I’m so happy for the family.


big white funny labrador

I told you we weren’t ready for the advanced beach yoga class!


dog yawn

“And the rocket’s red glare!!!!!”


dog diving into water

When you’re minding your own business, washing off your paws and some idiot yells, “Shark!”


great dane

That Electric Slide is the best song ever!


dog in bed

I can’t hide my butt away. How else will you see how happy I am?


dog with tennis ball

I though you thaid a tennish ball couldn’t get thtuck in my teeth.


basset hound

I’ll look up when you change the channel back to the Puppy Bowl.


puppies hugging

My cousin from the Midwest is visiting. They’re a lot more affectionate out there.



silly dog

I’ve almost got this juggling thing down. Give me a second and throw the third ball!


angry dog

Why is a mobile neutering van pulling into the driveway?


dog playing catch

This isn’t the major leagues. Stop putting a spin on the ball!