Dogs Freak Out When Owner Jumps Into Lake

There is nothing better than spending an afternoon relaxing by the lake! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and best of all, none of those weird small rectangles my human loves to look into!

But that doesn’t mean that the lake is safe from scares!

See, I know I’m a strong swimmer. I’ve been swimming since I was a little pup. The doggie paddle, underwater swimming – you name it, I can do it. But my owner here? Not so sure about him. I mean, he can’t even handle it when a little water falls from the sky! The second the sky goes dark, he’s going for his handy dandy water protector thingie. And let me tell you, he does not like it when I move it out of place!

I know my human hates getting wet (is he secretly a cat?! We’ll need to have a serious chat if that’s the case), so of course whenever I see him drenched, I know I need to get him out ASAP! I love the water, so this is no biggie for me.

Okay, all is well! It might be time to start teaching the human some lessons in swimming. Maybe if we can get him to like the water a little more, he won’t hate it so much when I try to play in those rain puddles!