Dog and Human Best Friend Slide Down the Stairs Together

I have a really great family, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Two hooman sisters, a cat sister, and, of course, my parents. We have so much fun together, but I am getting old! Too old to be playing “slide down the stairs” with the toddlers that’s for sure.

I still do it anyway, though. It’s only because I love my little hooman sister. I still remember when they brought her home from the hospital. I was much younger then, and I was in awe of how tiny she was. I was more in awe of how much she cried!

She’s gotten really big, and she loves to play and have a good time. I sure wish I was a little younger! We had a lot of fun back before my bones started aching.

Alright, here we go, girl! Let’s take these stairs on! Last one to the bottom has to change the kitty litter!

My joints really hurt, I’m probably going to take this one slow. And it looks like mom is at the bottom with the phone out, so I’m sure this will make for a cute video.

I hope the camera makes me look slim. I’ve heard it adds ten pounds and I definitely don’t need that! I’ve become a chonky boi!

Oof! Hey, you’re taking up all the room! Can’t a dog get a little space around here?

Just kidding, I can’t get close enough to this little one. Especially when she gives me head pats and calls me “Good Boi”.

That makes my whole day ten times better, knowing that my hooman sister loves me!

I really hope my mom will give me treats since, apparently, I’m the babysitter and built-in entertainment for the day! I’ve almost made it down these stairs. Finally!

Do you see the look on this cute face of mine? It totally screams “please never do this to me again”. My legs hurt!

And look, she beat me to the bottom! Aching knees and I got beat by a toddler. What the heck is this kinda deal?

That’s going to cost you at least 3 milk bones, mom. And make them the good kind with no broken edges! I want whole milk bones!

I wonder if she’s going to demand to do this again. I don’t know that my legs can take it! Where’s the kitty? It’s time for her to take over here! This old man needs some rest!