Dog Rides on a Scooter that is Attached to the Back of a Bike

There is nothing quite like getting out into the open air with my favorite human and going for a ride on my scooter.

A lot of people look at us as we go by on the streets, but I am just focused on staying balanced and looking cool.

As long as I keep my paws up on the handlebars, I don’t usually have too many problems staying perfectly in place on this scooter

It is all about focusing on keeping that balance and not getting distracted by the sights, smells, and sounds of the surrounding city.

Sometimes I spot a local shop that I am familiar with out of the corner of my eye, and I am tempted to want to run over there, but I know that is not the best option for me.

I need to stay focused on what I am doing to create this quality entertainment for you and to stay with my owner.

Even when passing by other vehicles I just am not scared because we have practiced all of this so much over the years. We always try to focus on making sure that I maintain the focus on the task at hand and don’t allow myself to get distracted by passersby.

Sometimes I like to pick up the speed a little bit. It is best to look cool when you are traveling as fast as you feel comfortable going.

I have to remember that speed may be different for everybody. It is just about finding that right balance.

We are breezing through the city pretty quickly now which is great, but this only works because I am so well-trained on what to do.

I just love to get out here and get some exercise with my human. To be fair, he is doing most of the work!

There are a lot of dogs just like me that can learn to do amazingly cool things like what I did riding my scooter through the city. Obviously, this takes a lot of practice, and no dog should be made to do something like this if they are not interested in doing so.

Remember, training with a dog to do a cool trick like this is something that has to be worked at over time. We have practiced for many months to get these skills down pat. We did it so others could see what I could do and could be amused by it. It is with constant communication between my owner and myself that we worked on to bring you this surprisingly amazing video.