Dog Refuses to Stop Being a Back Seat Driver

Apparently, I am a repeat offender of sneaking into the front seat, so my parents put up this silly string stuff to keep me out. Frankly, I find this offensive. They need my help in order to properly drive the car.

It’s been two days of this nonsense, and I’ve had enough of it. I need to resume my role as the resident dog driver, or at least be able to monitor their driving.

What if they accidentally miss a squirrel? Or worse… what if they pass by a Starbucks and forget to pull through to get me a puppucinno? There is so much that could go wrong here!

Urgh, this stuff is so frustrating! I can’t see anything from back here. I must try to break through this stuff. But how?

I’ll just keep pushing harder, maybe that will work. Or maybe they’ll get the picture and just take this stuff down?

Maybe they don’t realize how much I dislike it. Pushing harder will help them see how much I hate it and then they’ll for sure take it down.

Right? Right??

Oof, am doing me a bat dog! Pup is here to save the day!

Okay, so pushing harder apparently did not work. But that’s okay, I’m getting used to this stuff. I can see just fine as long as the strings stay like this.

I still don’t know why they’ve done this to me. All I was doing was trying to help! Hoomans just don’t understand that without us helpful heroes, they would be in so much danger.

They are unbelievable and so unappreciative!

Fine, fine! I give up, they win (for now). I decided to be a good boi and do me a listen and back it on up. But don’t they see how sad I look? This is just heckin’ depressing, and after everything I’ve done for them!

Someone needs to call Sarah McLachlan and report these criminals! They are neglecting me by keeping me in the back seat.

I’ll just go ahead and listen and be a sad boi in the back seat. After a while, they’ll have to take these strings down. I mean, they can’t just keep them up there forever!

Once they see how much they’re missing out on by not having me as their copilot, they will take the strings down and let me back up there to help them.

This just isn’t fair!