Dog Refuses to Give Up Pacifier and Claims to Be a Fur Baby

My parents brought home this new little guy from the pound a few days ago. He’s an odd-looking pup, he’s got no hair and can’t move around much. He takes up a lot of my mom’s time and he cries more often than he doesn’t.

That’s okay, though, because I love our new baby. He’s very cute to look at and he smells so fresh and clean! I’m sure in just a few months he will be sharing all of his food with me.

For now, he’s been sharing his toys (well, I’ve been taking them and he doesn’t say no, so I assume I’m allowed to play). My favorite toy that he has is a binky.

I should be a model for these binky companies. Look how extra cute I am! And this thing is so fun to chew on. It’s very relaxing, too.

I could sit here all day with my binky, just looking cute and relaxing.

But my mom keeps trying to take it away from me! No, mom. This is not your toy. Baby did not say you could have this toy. Please go away. Thank you bye.

No! Doggy says no. You no touch my binky. My goodness, this woman needs to learn to take turns!

Last week I borrowed the baby’s bottle (it still had yummy milk in it) and she tried to take that away from me, too! Someone needs to inform her that not everything belongs to her.

Baby and I love to share our toys together and that is the difference between the two of us and her. I give baby my toys, and he gives me his toys. But when mom comes in, she takes our stuff and then doesn’t give her own toys in return!

It’s just not fair at all.

She seems to have gotten the picture. This is my binky (I mean, baby’s binky), but I am using it for sucks and nibbles.

I will give it back when I’m done, but I think she needs to clean it first. We need to make sure that baby and I aren’t swapping germs!

Although, I do wonder why she doesn’t clean my toys after he is done with them. Does she care about him more than me?

I was here first, after all. Long before mom picked up the baby from the pound.

Oh well, I’m just glad he likes to share his toys with me.