Dog Plays Game of Fetch with a Vanishing Snowball

White stuff!! Oh boy, I love this stuff. I only see it during one part of the year – the same time of year when everything is covered in twinkly lights and the humans bring a whole bunch of plants and even a tree into the house! Gosh, I love this time of year. This crunchy, chilly white stuff is the best part. You can roll around in it like it’s mud and NOT get dirty! You can walk around in it when it’s too hot inside, and you can make all sorts of cool shapes with it!

I love when my human makes a ball out of the white stuff. It looks just like my toy balls back inside, but way more squishy and cold! Sometimes I like to bite into them and feel them melt in my mouth. It’s like cold cotton candy! Oooo, maybe my human can find a way to make a dessert out of this stuff? Maybe add a sweet juice or something? I should tell them my idea when w go back in!

The most surprising thing about this white stuff is that it all blends into each other. It’s like sand! One minute you’re holding a fancy shape you made with the white stuff, the next second it’s mixed in with the rest and IMPOSSIBLE to find! I gotta say, I hate when that happens! Whenever it does happen, I always try to find the shape again. It hardly ever works, but sometimes the white shape does keep its shape!

Whenever this happens, I just try to dig and dig and dig. If I’m fast enough, I can save it! Although sometimes I go too fast, and I end up just crushing the shape. Whenever that happens, I have to get my human to make another! And another, and another. Let’s face it, I end up making them make a whole bunch so that it doesn’t happen again.

It’s all part of the fun of this time of year!