Dog Pets Parrot Best Friend on the Head

Back in the day, I had a big problem with birdies. I didn’t like them, wanted nothin’ to do with them unless I was making a meal out of them. You could say I am a reformed bird hunter.

Now that I think of it, that’s probably the only time that the cat and I ever got along, is if we were chasing down a birdie (and really, we would just start arguing about who got first dibs once she caught it).

Naturally, when my mom brought home a new birdie child, I was extremely angry.

It’s taken a little while, but the birdie has started to grow on me. Sure, she annoys me from time to time, but overall, she is a pretty fun little girl.

“Well, hey there little winger. How are you doing today? Oh, you want a head pat? So do I…”

Now I’m wondering if my mom is going to come over and assist us with this. Instead, she is just sitting there holding that darn camera! Put that thing down and come give us head pats!

She thinks it’s cute when we cuddle, so I guess I can’t blame her. We are a pretty cute team (even if we do look a little strange together!)

Alright, fine. Here you go, have a few head pats. I hope I’m not too ruff with you, little one.

She is so tiny that I have to be extra careful so I don’t bonk her head instead of just patting on it. I did that once and she flew away in fear. She wouldn’t come back or hang out with me for at least two days!

I was asking my mom about these kinds of birds. She is pretty sure this is called a Conure Parrot. They come from South and Central America, so we call them “New World Birds”. I thought that was a pretty cool fact!

Something else that I learned? Conure Parrots are actually really good communicators. They can mimic the calls and sounds of other parrot flocks, making them excellent at chatting each other up.

Dogs can be like that too, I guess. But we can’t change our voice in the same way that she can! She has a really pretty singing voice.

Alright, little birdie. It is time for you to go back to your cage. I need a nap ASAP and I don’t want to accidentally roll over onto you! Make sure you close your door behind you, because I don’t trust the cat!