Dog Perfectly Mimics Teenager’s Broken Leg ‘Walk’

Sawyer is a very empathetic dog, and when his best friend broke his ankle and had to use crutches, he decided that he would walk just like him in this cute video.

Why Do Dogs Have So Much Empathy?

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, and as such they’ve evolved to be very social animals that crave companionship. They’re also incredibly sensitive to human emotions, which is why they often seem to “know” when something is wrong with you even if you don’t say anything or do anything outwardly.

The truth is, dogs actually feel our emotions in a way we can’t even comprehend. But not only does the dog experience your feelings, they also empathize with you and may even go out of their way to fix whatever has upset you.

Empathetic Dog

Scientific studies have shown that dogs “eavesdrop” on human conversations, which I’m sure you’ve noticed before if you’ve ever been talking to someone and their dog comes running.

Dogs can actually recognize the emotions in a person’s voice, which is how they know when your tone changes or rises as that usually means something bad is happening or about to happen.

Empathetic Dog

Dogs are able to pick up on our moods and feelings in a way that humans aren’t always aware of, which can make them very empathetic towards us – they want us happy! But it’s important not to confuse empathy with sentimentality.

Sentimentality is when an animal feels sorry for someone or something; empathy is when the animal understands what you’re feeling (even if he doesn’t know why) and is trying to help in someway.

Dogs pick up on our feelings whether or not we’re communicating with them through words, so they tend to get upset when you’re unhappy even if they don’t know what’s wrong. That’s because dogs live in the moment of the present more than humans do.

Empathetic Dog

Dogs have a lot of empathy because they are naturally pack-oriented creatures. They form very close relationships with their families and stay close to people even when left alone for long periods of time, which helps them to better understand human emotions.

Dogs also use olfactory cues from humans to better discern what we’re feeling, so it’s not surprising that they show signs of being empathetic towards us too! In addition, studies show that dogs process visual information more quickly than humans do – meaning they can see things happen before we do – which again contributes to their ability to read our moods accurately.

Empathetic Dog

Do Dogs Have More Empathy Than Humans?

Dogs have more empathy than humans because they can feel the emotions of people around them.

Dogs have been shown to be very emotionally responsive to the emotional states of the humans around them. They can read and respond to facial expressions, vocal tones, and body language, and they seem to do this even better than human infants do.

This emotional responsiveness probably allows dogs to form closer bonds with their human companions and gives them a stronger ability to empathize with the people around them.

Empathetic Dog

There are some studies that suggest dogs may have more empathy than humans. For example, one study found that dogs were more likely to help humans who were in pain than humans who were not in pain.

Additionally, dogs are known to be very good at reading human emotions and body language, which suggests they may be able to empathize with us more than other animals. So while there’s no definitive answer, it’s possible that dogs do have more empathy than humans.