Dog Mom Plays Hide and Seek

My siblings and I love to play hide and seek! We will play it with just about anyone. Dogs, cats, birds, humans. We don’t care as long as there’s some sniffing and chasing involved!

Our favorite person to play with, though, is our mom. She always picks the best spots to hide in and sometimes she even gives us pats and treats when we find her!

We like to go easy on her, so we gave her some extra time to find the best spot possible. My heart was racing. I just couldn’t wait to go seek her out!

We were off to the races! First, we checked the hallways. The only thing we found was my brother peeing on the floor, so I’m sure we are all going to hear about this one.

Luckily, he always hides after he does this, so mom usually knows which one of us is the bad one.

Sometimes we aren’t all that great at hide and seek. It’s pretty obvious we should have checked the room a little bit better. I couldn’t believe she was hiding in plain sight like this!

Maybe we missed something in the first room. Better check again! My brother was in here jumping on the bed. Mom is not going to be happy about that, either. This game is turning into a free-for-all with my brother breaking all of mom’s rules. He definitely lives by “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”.

He never learns.

At this point, I was starting to wonder if we may have misinterpreted the idea of the game. Was this lady even in the house anymore? Who is this Houdini and how did she become so good at hide and seek?

Now that my brother has realized how many rules he has broken, he doesn’t want mom to be found. I decided we needed to keep looking, because she may have gotten lost. I was really worried she might be scared and feeling alone without us and I convinced my brother to keep looking.

We finally found her! I couldn’t believe she was hiding in such an obvious spot. We checked this room at least two times! One of my brothers has a great sniffer, so he smelled her out (I can’t take credit for winning this round!)

Even though it took us an embarrassingly long time to find mom, she was still proud of us for winning the game. She tossed us a treat and my brother, the rule breaker, is now the one who is hiding…