Dog Mom Carries Adorable Puppies Through City in Saddle Bags

There is nothing worse than keeping a young puppy locked inside all day! Puppies’ brains are like sponges, so they need to learn as much as possible before they get all big and strong! The best way to do this? Take them out and about!

I love to do my part to help the younger generation, so I’ve offered a new service to tired mommy dogs: taking their little pups out to see the cities! They’re always so excited that their kids get to take a safe little field trip while they get some rest. And, of course, I have my human along to make sure I stay safe as well!

The Puppies Catch a Ride on the Labrador Express Pouch

Well, I have to say it’s a fun job! I love helping everyone, and I get to get lots of exercise! Best part, my human gets paid by the other dogs’ humans, so this is basically her job now! We’re like a puppy-walking dynamic duo.

Now all we need to do is work on the branding. We’ll need a website, a Facebook page, and a super-catchy name. I got it! We can call our little setup the Labrador Express Pouch. You know, like a coach but for Labrador puppies only. Hmm… maybe not…

But I’ll keep working on it! Anyway, every time we walk around the city, I can always tell the young pups are enjoying themselves. During every trip, I can feel them trying to look around and see the new sights. Some of them had never even been outside their houses yet! I always have to be extra careful to make sure they don’t fall out.

I bet the world still looks new and strange in their eyes. That’s why they need to get out more – so they can see the big bad world and learn how it works. Since the Labrador Express Pouch is now offering free rides, I will be taking them out more and more. That’s the benefit of technology. It makes life easier not only for the humans but for puppers too.

Besides, the truth is, I wouldn’t be able to carry both puppers in my mouth! Not for long or safely anyway. And can you imagine trying to make them trot down several blocks? Their poor paws wouldn’t take it, and it would take us the rest of the week to finish this tour.

And it would be hekking hard trying to get them to pay attention and follow you. You will be chasing one down the street while the other one trots in the opposite direction! Heck no, that sounds like a nightmare and super-duper dangerous. The Labrador Pouch Express is the best way to show two puppers what the rest of the world looks like. That way, I can keep an eye on the tiny tots, and they can’t get up to any mischief.

The only annoying part of the job is that during every shift, I always see some of the humans in the street stopping to stare at us. I know. I know. The puppies are adorable, and the Labrador Pouch is a pretty nifty idea, but it gets distracting! It makes me feel like one of the puppies is slipping and I’m not noticing. But I’ve learned to ignore them and go about my work.

Sometimes humans will even ask my human a question. I always figure they human wants to know if he can catch a ride on the Pouch Express. No can’t do. Strictly puppers only. Maybe my human can start a subsidiary where she gives piggyback rides to people. Until then, I do the heavy lifting!