Dog Leads Pony for Walk While Another Dog Sits on Their Back

My mom took us to the dog park today. Everything was going great until I met up with this wild dog that was twice my size and definitely much cooler.

He had a great idea! While our moms were talking about how they only made us home-cooked dog food (that’s a lie, I’ve been eating kibble for years), he told me to make a break for it and run down to the city!

While we were there, we found this huge woofer! This was a big dog! But he didn’t bark, he only made funny noises and sometimes blew air at us out of his nose.

That kinda freaked me out. Anyway, my new friend had a great idea. He wanted me to ride the dog!

I’m still sitting here trying to figure out where this big dog came from. Was there a circus in town? I don’t think there is…

Okay, time to focus. I’ll figure out where this big guy came from later.

My new friend told me it would be super safe to ride Big Dog (that’s what I named him), because he was holding the leash. That made me feel a little better about all of this at least.

We were walking down the street, looking like the coolest pups in town!

That chiuahua I have had my eyes on for the last few weeks was on her way back from the dog park with her dad, and she was giving me all the looks! I felt like a super star!

I wonder if she’ll finally let me come over and try out her new toys? Maybe I’ll ask her if I ever manage to get off this pupper. Big Dog doesn’t follow commands well, he just seems to go wherever my new friend pulls his leash.

Big Dog must be really smart. I’m still not leash trained like this guy. I can’t stand those things!

My new, cool friend decided to take us to a new part of town. He said he had just seen my mom drive by and she looked angry…

I didn’t think this part through. How much trouble am I going to be in for this one? I can’t imagine my mom would be that mad at me, right? I mean… I look so cool right now! Nah, she’s definitely going to be proud of me. What a brave dog I am! Right? Right?

Okay, maybe I’m wrong. She’s on her way over here and she looks mad. Giddyup Big Dog! Run!