Dog is Very Protective of New Lobster Friend

I hate bugs! Bugs are the absolute worst! They’re horrible! They’re so scary and creepy! They have TWO extra legs, and these weird things that come out of their heads. Plus they’re so small you can never keep track of them! YUCK!

Buuuuut not all bugs are bad. I’ve recently become friends with some kind of sea bug. It’s so cute! And I want to make sure that nothing bad happens to him. My humans seem to think that this little guy is food. Food! I mean, I love the guy, but he does not look edible to me. What are these people thinking?

I Keep My New Friend Safe

I gotta say, it is not easy to keep my new friend safe. Humans keep trying to get to him, and now the other dog is trying to take him away, too. This has been going on for close to an hour.

Why won’t they accept that this is my buddy? Gosh, it is such a hassle getting this guy to safety. Maybe I can get a tank set up by my doggie bed. That way I can keep watch over him even while I’m heading to sleep! Yeah, I should look into it.

I think I’ve been doing a good job keeping this little guy safe. No one’s been able to lay a hand or paw on him since I got here. I’m doing a great job at being a guard dog.I should be a pro one day!

My New Friend Does Not Have A Collar

This guy needs equipment to become an honorary pet. He’ll need a collar with a tag, a leash, a bed of some kind… a lot of work will be needed to get this guy ready to be an official pet, but I think I’m just the doggo who can integrate him into pet society.

In addition to having the right equipment, he’ll need to learn how to act more like a pet. He can’t pinch people with those oversized paws, and he’ll need to learn how to fetch and stuff.

I don’t think he can run very far, so running is out of the question. Maybe digging holes, too, unless he uses his claws like shovels. But this is doable! He could make a human really happy one day.

My Ugly Bug Tastes Like the Beach

I would love to hear my buddy’s stories from the beach. I bet he got to meet all sorts of cool creatures and enjoy the hot sun all day. Wow, that sounds like a dream! We should all go together one day and see if we can find his old home. Maybe we’ll find some of his friends, too!

Wait… did one of the humans go to the beach without me and get this guy from there? I have so many questions now!

Humans Took My Bug Friend Away From Me

Well, I still don’t know why humans want to take my bug friend away. I hope they put him safe in a tank or something so that he can be a new member of the family! I guess we’ll see where they put him.