Dog is Tricked by Human and Doesn’t Hide His Regret

So, there I was, just chilling on the nice cool tiles, and Mom pops in. She’s got two cups with her. I wasn’t really paying attention, but I know I just saw her put one of my favorite treats under the cup on the right. I smelled it.

Hmmm. Okay, consider my interest piqued. Although I’m not 100% sure what the game plan is here, but she seems really excited about it.

Oh. She’s doing a trick. Great. Now I’ve got to WORK for my treats.

Mom has put a doggo biscuit under one of these two cups and she’s keeping it covered in a really determined way. Is this a bad time to point out that there’s a better way to do this?

Mom, I’ll sit here and be cute, and you just GIVE me treats, eh? Whadaya say? Just…hand them over.

Nope. Okay. She’s swirling these cups around on the floor. Crossing them back and forth. It’s pretty mesmerizing actually. I wonder what happens next.

Mom is looking at me with all this expectation in her eyes. I suspect she wants me to…choose a cup?

Hmmm. I know for a fact there’s a treat under the right-hand one. I was paying attention when she put that under there. I MUST NOT second guess myself.

Mother – I will take this one! I know it holds my treat. I was watching closely, and I saw you stash the goods.

I was right! There is a treat under the cup I choose which I gobble up right away. So delish. Your floor swirling doesn’t fool me, Mom. I am such a good doggo, and smart too.  Ah man, I can’t wait until we go for a walk so that I can tell the neighbors about your trick and how I managed to figure it out.

Wait, now mom is looking at me with this mischievous twinkle in her eye. What is she up to now?

Mom is playing with the other cup. Who knows why when I’ve already beaten her at her own game? Fine, I’ll entertain it.

What’s under cup number two Mom?

Wait, WHAT? A tiny mountain of treats? How? When? I can’t believe I chose the wrong one. No wonder Mom looks so sheepish. She has deceived me. She had better hand over these treats, or her garden beds are going to pay for it.