Dog is SO Excited After Soldier Returns Home To Surprise Him

Last year I had the hardest day of my life. My daddy left me, and I wasn’t sure if he was going to come home. I spent the next year waiting for him to return, with my mommy telling me not to worry.

While I appreciated her support, it still didn’t help. What if he forgot about me? What if he found a better dog while he was deployed? What if he got lost or worse… what if he ended up in the pound?

There were so many unknowns and I was starting to give up hope. I didn’t think I’d ever see my daddy again.

Today my mom stuck me in a room. At first, I thought I was in trouble but I checked the sign: “Six Days Since I Ate the Cat Litter” is what it said.

I definitely wasn’t in trouble, the sign even said so! So what on earth could she have stuck me in that room for?

When I walked out, I found this lumpy gift on the couch. Was it a woofin’ surprise? For me? Maybe it was a new dog bed (the old one is a little worn out).

I’m trying to put on an act here because I want my mom to be excited about me opening my new present. I’m sure she worked hard for it.

I decide to give it a sniff and I’m not gonna lie, it’s a bit stinky. I love stinky!

I’m very excited about this gift, but it’s definitely not a dog bed (unless the dog bed is wearing my dad’s work shoes).

Wait a second…

Not just a dog bed! A whole woofin’ human bed! My human!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Was this really my dad? I have to continue sniffing just to make sure.

Sweat? Check. Boot smell? Check. Hair stuff? Check.

It’s my dad! We have so much to catch up on!

I had to take a step back to get a good look at him. I still couldn’t believe my eyes!

My first order of business is to show him my sign, to prove I’ve been a good dog and haven’t eaten kitty litter for six whole days.

That’s a big accomplishment. But we also need to do things like play catch, chase the cat, and go for walks.

I gotta do a couple of laps around the couch to show him my legs still work just fine (very good legs for walking, the best legs for walking).

We got a new dog park up the street. He probably doesn’t know about it, so I’ll need to show him. I wonder if he remembers my favorite toy?

It’s time to go alert the cat. She probably won’t care, but I’ve gotta tell all of my friends that my dad is home! 

It’s gonna be a woofin’ good summer for this good boy and his home-from-deployment human!