Dog is Overexcited to Be Reunited With Girl Home From College

Humans have such busy lives. Even when they’re still puppies, they’re off learning things, and then when they’re all grown up they have to work and travel and take care of their own pups! Talk about having your doggie bowl full!

And when humans are in that spot between being puppies and being all grown up, they have to go away to a special school for a few years to learn lots! Oh boy, I don’t envy them. Whenever they come back, they always look so tired and hungry! Do they do nothing but work at those schools? Yikes. I’m better off staying at home, watching TV and enjoying my bacon treats.

And today, one of my humans is coming home after spending months away at school! I’m so happy to see her!

She Is Finally Home With Me Again

My day is always instantly better whenever I see her. The house is just so much quieter when she isn’t around. It’s nice when she video calls, but it’s just not the same. I love to be able to hug and kiss her and sit in her lap. And today I can!

We’ll have to take lots of selfies and videos to remember this day. It’s a special day after all! I hope we get the pictures printed out, too. I want to look at them after she’s left again.

Don’t Leave Me Alone Like That Again

Part of me wants to tell her to not leave like that again. I know it’s selfish and I won’t say it, but goodness I am tempted! We’re having so much fun and I get to hear her talk to her family about all the cool stuff she’s done… and I’m supposed to just let her leave after all that? No way! She needs to say and maybe do her school stuff at night while I’m sleeping. That way I won’t notice when she’s gone.

Ugh, but I know I can’t say that. It would be selfish, and this won’t even last forever.

I Must Show You My Affection

So I’ll just have to cherish the time I have now. Lots of snuggles and head scritches, and of course binging our favorite doggie TV channels! She missed the latest Puppy Bowl, so we’ll have to start with that.

And then of course those selfies! We’ll need to take lots, maybe one in every room of the house. Oh and maybe put some funny stickers and filters on the pictures too!

I Have to Show You My Toys

I also have to show her all my toys. After all, I’ve gotten lots more while she was away. I’m the last kid in this house, so I guess all the spoiling goes to me now. I’m sure as heck not complaining though! There’s no such thing as too many squeaky toys.

Oh, we’re going to have a fun time! Hope you don’t have to go back too soon!