Dog Holds Football to Help the Team Make a Field Goal

Every dog wants to have a great relationship with its owner, which means sharing in many activities, such as walking, sitting on the couch, and playing football. So I’m happy because I’m best buddies with my owner because we do all that together.

For instance, he loves being out on the field and practicing his field goals, so he takes me with him. The best part is I don’t just sit around watching him have all the fun from the stands. Instead, I’m right there in the heat of things, and I’ve got a pretty special role that helps my owner get a good practice every time.

Holding the Ball for the Kicker

As I said, I have a specialized role in my owner’s football team. I’m the placeholder, and I’m always ready when my owner wants to kick the ball. I know that may seem like a small job to some people, which is why many holders don’t get the recognition they deserve. But, I have seen how a botched hold can ruin a game, so I take my job very seriously. The way I hold the ball will affect its direction after the kick, so I pay attention to make sure the hold is at the right angle.

My owner takes what we do seriously, too, because he makes sure we both don’t go out on the field unless we are fully kitted out. I’m talking about jerseys and helmets for me, plus shorts, socks, cleats, and other stuff for my owner because he’s the one doing the running around. Anyway, I love wearing matching stuff with him; it makes me feel so happy and cool and important.

Preparing for the Kick

I always get excited when it’s time for me to hold the ball. I get the ball in position and keep it steady with my paw. It looks easy, but balls can be slippery, and it’s sometimes hard not to move around. Once I’m in position, I try as hard as I can not to move a muscle. I keep my head up to make the position look official (but also to avoid the helmet slipping over my eyes.)

The ground shakes as my owner runs towards the ball, and I still don’t move a muscle. Finally, he neatly kicks the ball from under my paw, and it flies away. It’s a nice kick. Oops, too bad the ball didn’t make it because it hits the post and bounces back. My owner holds his head in disappointment, but I’m not too worried. You win some; you lose some.

What matters is playing the game and having fun. Even if I’m not holding the ball, I still love standing in the field and watching my owner and his friends play the game. He may not score all the time, but I’m always rooting for him. And I’m always waiting for when it’s time to hold the ball again. It’s my favorite part of the whole day.

Yess!! It’s time for another kick. Duty calls. Gotta go!