Dog Has a Serious Case of the Mondays as He Shows His Morning Routine

Mondays have to be the hardest day of the week. My humans are out of the house most of the day – or if they’re home, they’re in front of their computers working! Talk about annoying.

It makes me miss the weekend, when all their attention was on me, and I was able to play with them and eat whatever they’d cooked. Mondays mean lots of dry kibble and having to entertain myself! Talk about BO-RING.

But I’ve found a good workaround to the lonely Mondays – a strict regimen and work of my own!

Just like those millionaires you see on TV, I have a routine for every weekday that I follow to a T.

Shaving Is Important

Well, the first step is to get all shaved up. We dogs shed quite a bit if our fur goes untamed, so regular shaving is hugely important to not just maintaining your look, bu also keeping the plce clean! I know my human appreciates not having to vacuum so much.

I can imagine this is even harder for longer-haired dogs, so I have to recommend that any follically-gifted dogs who want to shave should use electric razors with special heads on them to keep from pulling their fur or anything. Trust me, I learned that trick the hard way!

Any super short-haired dogs watching? You can skip this step.

I Have A Great Diet

The next step is having a well-balanced, high-quality meal for breakfast. A good diet combined with lots of exercise makes for a healthy doggo. And better health means more time you can run and play during the day! If your human cooks you meals every so often, don’t turn them down, either! There’s nothing healthier (and tastier!) than a freshly-cooking meal made by someone who loves you.

Of course, all your meals should be healthy, but having a good breakfast is especially important!

Having good, clean clothes is important too. I wash three times a week so I always have pants, shirts, socks and ties ready to go. I’ve also learned how to iron to make sure that my clothes always look their absolute best.

I Have to Make Sure to Prepare My Meals

Preparing your lunch in advance also important. The occasional fast-food cheeseburger is okay, but, like I said – home-cooked meals? Nutritious and delicious!

Lunch should always be carried in a temperature-safe lunchbox. Something where hot foods will stay hot, cold foods will stay cold, and everything stays fresh! Nothing worse than sitting down for lunch, and having your soup be ice cold, or your sandwich be room temperature.

And there’s always healthier options at fast-food joints too! If you absolutely have to eat out, this dogboss recommends anything with low-fat meats or lots of veggies. Mm-mm good!

It’s Time to Go

And once your morning routine is done, it’s off to work! This honestly has to be the hardest part of the morning. There is nothing more difficult than leaving the house to WORK. Boy is that difficult! Some mornings I just want to crawl back into my doggie bed instead.

But I know I’ll be bored if I stay home all day, so better to do something with my free time! Plus, the money I make is going toward a new two-story doggie bed! I can’t wait!