Dog Flies in Paramotor to Enjoy Views From High Above

Pop quiz! How many dogs can raise their paws when someone asks if they have ever flown on a paramotor?

Answer: not a lot, that’s for sure. But I’m one of them! For those who are not familiar with this super-sophisticated and fancily-flexible form of flying, I should tell you that a paramotor is also called a powered paraglider.

So using one of these is kind of like using a paraglider wing, but way, way cooler. You have to wear this sorta backpack aircraft on your back, and it comes complete with an engine and all! That means you can cover more ground when flying. It’s also got these neat steering controls for left or right and up or down. That gives you all the control you need when you are up in the air. No flying wherever the wind blows you! That sounds so scary.

And on top of me being so skilled, my talented and amazing owner is a certified paramotor pilot! Ain’t I just lucky? Guess who gets to tag along in the sky on the next ride?

That’s right, yours truly!

I’m Ready to Buckle Up for the Ride of My Life

When you’re flying on a paramotor (or doing any kind of sport) you’ve got to put safety first! There’s no room to be reckless in sports like these. Buuuut since my human is all trained, I don’t have to worry about any of that too much. My owner is trained well, and he always makes sure I’m safely strapped and snug in his lap before taking off. He even makes sure I’m wearing earmuffs for my protection. What a swell guy!

So once I’m all buckled up and good to go during one of these excursions, we begin! And man that paramotor engine is so loud! I gotta say, I’ve never gotten used to it no matter how many times I’ve done this. Some stuff just always annoys you, you know?

But once we’re moving, it’s amazing! It’s like a video game or a movie, being so high off the ground. Everything is so beautiful and small! I feel like a bird or a plane.

My owner always likes to shout out things I should be looking at. It’s easy to get so caught up in the fact that I am in the air. It’s amazing!! But he’s right, I should look at the animals. Wowwwww! Everything looks like ants!

Paramotor riding is so amazing! I always feel so alive! When I’m up there, I can see things that are a thousand miles away. I wouldn’t be surprised if I could even see other countries, it’s insane.

Even though they’re always so exciting, these trips are oddly relaxing too. It’s always a shame when my human says it’s time to land. It’s a little scary when the ground comes rushing up to meet us, but somehow we land safely every time.

It’s fun and a little scary, but WOW! 10/10 I would love to do that again – but not too soon. Oh boy, my legs always turn to jelly afterwards.