Dog Enjoys a Romantic Steak Dinner with Dad at Fine Dining Restaurant

My hooman knows that I love to eat. It’s probably one of my top three favorite things! (Along with sleeping and going for walks).

Usually I eat some pretty good food at home. I like my doggy kibble. I like my bones and treats even more. But the best, the best is when my hooman gives me a little bit of food off his plate. I wish I could get my own plate of hooman food every day!

Dog Goes to a Steak House

My hooman got out the leash and I knew this meant that we were going for a walk. I was so excited! I love walks. I was ready for a walk, some dinner, and a nap. But then when we got outside I realized that my person was leading me to his vroom vroom machine.

That’s something else that I love. Rides in the vroom vroom machine! He rolls down the windows and lets me smell all the smells that we drive by. It’s great.

When we stopped, it was somewhere I had never seen before. It smelled sooooo good.  When we got inside, I couldn’t believe my eyes (and nose). It was one of those fancy hooman food places, with the most delicious smells I have ever smelled. Way better than all the outside window smells!

We sat down and it was so fancy. My hooman gave me a napkin, but I don’t know why. I would be sure that I didn’t drop any of those tasty treats.

Let’s Eat Some Steak!

I got to sit in the booth like a hooman and everything. My person ordered a meal, I guess we were going to share. I wanted my own plate but whatever, I’ll take what I can get!

I was so thankful that Dad took me out to a fancy steak restaurant with all da hoomans.

The first bite…oh wow. It was like heaven. I wondered how I could ever go back to my dog kibble! This was a real treat. Better than anything else I had ever tasted.

I gobbled down that steak but made sure to taste all the flavors. But steak wasn’t all that was on that plate! I also saw potatoes.

I tried potatoes before at home. But judging by this fancy place, I figured that the restaurant potatoes may be even better than my hooman’s cooking. I really wanted to try one of those taters.

Dad gave me more bites of steak. One bite for him, one for me. I didn’t get any of the special sauce he used, but I didn’t care. It tasted good enough on its own! But I still wanted to try one of them potatoes. I’m sure it tasted super yummy along with the steak.

Finally, my time came. Dad gave me a tater!

It was everything I wanted. The whole night was like a dream! Steak, potato, and a fancy dinner at a hooman restaurant.

It was the best surprise ever. Thanks Dad!