Dog Defies Gravity as He Runs Vertically Up a Wall

So, having two legs is pretty cool. You can stand up really tall, reach high-up places, and you can use all sorts of cool things like pogo sticks and bikes! Yeah, I see why humans like being two-lggers so much!

But having four legs has its perks too! We dogs can run faster and for longer, sometimes we can jump higher, and the best part? We can climb crazy places easily too!

I like to challenge myself. I love finding all sorts of new things to hike and and jump on. I once spent a whole summer mastering this super-steep rocky path. My humans still can’t climb it all without a walking stick!

This latest challenge is trying to climb up a wall. Yep, you heard that right – a wall! Like Spider-Man! Although, I guess in this case, it would be Spider-Dog.

A Lot of Humans Like to Watch Me

I am used to a lot of humans watching me jump up a wall. I mean, I can’t blame them. I’m basically doing the impossible – walking on walls! It must be eye-catching. I mean, who doesn’t want to walk on walls? It has to be one of the coolest things someone can learn.

I practice every single day. One day I know I’ll get there! And when I’m not practicing, I’m studying. I normally study by watching videos online, but movies and video games that my humans like are also good ways for me to learn. It’s definitely helped, because I can run up pretty far now! They should make a video game starring me one day!

The colors help me keep track of my progress too. Super helpful.

How Was I Inspired?

Great question! Movies! I saw some old movies where people were dancing on walls and ceilings, and I thought “hey, I should try that! I bet I could do it!” And the rest is history. Since then, I’ve been practicing every day. Yes, yes, I know. Movie magic and all that. But you can’t tell me I can’t at least do SOME of the tricks from those movies. I mean, how else would they have filmed them??

And as extra motivation, there’s always a treat waiting for me at the top! Trust me, it helps me keep at it every single day.

Gravity Gets Me Down Quickly

The good (and bad) thing about running up walls to get to treats is that I can get down quickly. Of course, the that also means that I can fall down quickly, too! I have to be super careful every single time. I know I can rely on my humans whenever I lose my balance.

My human ALWAYS catches me. He’s such a good guy, and so strong! I wonder why he doesn’t climb on walls? Oh, right. Just the two feet.

I Nailed the Wall Climb Again

I always feel so accomplished when I finish a wall climb. This must be what mountain climbers feel when they finish a big mountain. I can see why you humans find the biggest mountains you can find! It must feel amazing.

Hey, human! We should try and climb a mountain one of these days! I bet we could do it. Though there wouldn’t be any treats waiting for me at the top. We’d have to get a whole bunch on the way back down. In the meantime, I’ll keep practicing at my wall every single day.

Well, if you humans are determined to learn, too, here are some tips: be sure to stretch beforehand, especially your legs! Also have a spotter there to catch you. Maybe even a mattress or a trampoline to help break your fall, too. Don’t do it inside, either! Inside walls are too short, and you’ll never have enough room.

Well, best of luck! I’m off to enjoy another treat.