Dog Copies His Best Friend and Rolls in the Grass

Wait, what is the human pup doing over there? He’s rolling around and waving his arms, is he hurt? I should take a closer look!

Well, he seems to be okay, but why would he want to do that? What a weird thing to do! But, he looks like he’s having fun, and that’s what matters most.

Mayyyyybe I should double-check to make sure he is okay. Let me get another look, just in case I need to get the adult humans over here for help.

Nope, he seems to be okay. Guess the human pup is just in a silly mood today! He keeps looking at me – maybe this is a game he’s playing that he wants me to join in on! Okay, human pup, you’re on! We’ll see who’s the best at rolling in the grass.

Well, here goes! So, you just lay on your back and wriggle around a little? I think I can manage that. It’s what I do when all the humans are out of the house and my back is itching!

Okay, laying on your back? Check! Wiggling around? Check! And wave your paws in the air? Check-a-roonie!

All righty! I think I’ve gotten the hang of it! I think the human pup may be onto something here. This is a pretty fun game! So how do you win? Do you keep moving and wait to see who gets tired first? Because if those are the rules, human, you should know that I’m an expert grass roller. I could be here for hours, without needing a snack or potty break.

Aw, okay I admit it. You win! I couldn’t help myself from giving the human pup some kisses! It was just such a fun game I couldn’t help myself from giving him some thank-you kisses. I’ve rolled around in the grass before, but never as a game to play with someone else! I wonder what he’ll come up with next? And since he’s the winner, does he get a special prize? Or a snack! Because if so, I wanna try again!

Okay, once I’m done giving the human pup all my kisses, it’ll be time for round two! And trust me, this time I’ll mean business. I’ll roll and wiggle around so much you might just have to declare me the winner early, based off nothing but sheer cuteness. And winner gets extra kisses, extra head scratches, and extra bacon bites! I bet with these prizes, you’ll put up an even greater fight, human pup! You’re good at this game, but I have confidence I can win, too. Okay! Let the next round begin!