Dog Can Walk on Two Legs Backwards like a Human

Hey humans! I bet you’ve seen a dog walk like a human before, huh? It’s the oldest trick in the book! We just have to get on our back legs and stand like a kangaroo, then you walk! I’ve done it a billion times, and I’ve even taught other dogs at the dog park how to do it.

But guess what? I’ve come up with a new trick that’ll totally impress everyone! I know how to walk backwards like a human! That’s right, you remember when you’d walk backwards to impress your friends? I’ve got it down to a science.

Can you see how big my smile is? My smile is so big because I’m so happy I can do this trick! You see those dogs behind me? They can’t do an amazing trick like this. I’m sure they’re good boys, but I think I must be the best boy. I’m great at walking backwards! Sometimes both people and other doggies like to watch me walking like this. They must be very impressed by my trick. Aren’t you? I think anyone would be! And- it’s fun to do! Maybe I should do this more often since so many people like it!

The trick is to not think abou it too hard. Just like how you humans like to pretend you’re a dog when playing with your human pups, we doggos have to just get in the zone when it comes to acting like a human. To walk like a human we have to think like a human! Once you’re focused, you just shift your weight and voila! Now here comes the hard part – keeping your balance!

You humans have it easy, with legs built to do all sorts of crazy stuff. We puppers don’t! So it takes a bit of work to make two legs do the job of four. But I figured it out!

What are the downsides, you ask? Well, aside from getting a lot of side-eye from dogs that haven’t quite nailed the trick yet, sometimes I forget how to walk normally. Yes, it’s true! Sometimes I just can’t seem to remember how to walk like a dog, and I’m stuck walking on two legs for a while! The problem usually fixes itself when my legs get tired, but boy is that a hassle! I hope your family’s doggo learned something from this!