Dog Becomes Best Friends With a Baby Deer

Wow, you aren’t going to believe this! Here I am, sitting on my porch, and up comes this tiny little creature!

I really thought this was a woofer at first, but she doesn’t look like me at all. She kind of looks like… like a baby deer! Wow, mom, come quick!

She is so cute! I just want to give her kisses and be her new best friend. I wonder if I can share my treats with her? I’ll have to ask my mom…

Okay, turns out I can’t share my treats with her. Mom says that deer are “herbivores” and that they usually eat only the green stuff.

I only eat that when my tummy is hurting, but I guess that’s just their normal diet. She’s probably out here looking for snacks because we have a lot of green stuff in our yard!

Sometimes, she said, they will eat fish from the river or if they catch a squirrel they might have that for dinner. Overall, they like to stick to plants because it’s easier on their digestive system. Pretty interesting, right?

But wait… where is your mom, little baby deer? Did you get lost?

I guess it’s my turn for a kiss! I wonder if I taste as good as the baby deer does?

I asked her if she was lost and she said that she wasn’t, but her mom was letting her go for a run and to find some snacks and then she came across me!

Since female deer (my mom called them “does”) have one or two babies each spring, she might have a sister that will come by for snacks.

I told her to bring the whole family! It’s a buffet out here and as long as they don’t touch mom’s peonies, they’re more than welcome to come snack on the grass (it’s less for dad to have to mow).

I’m just going to get a little nibble here. Yup! She still tastes good!

I decided to ask her if she had any other animals out there who would hurt her (I want to make sure she gets back to her mom safe and sound!)

Other than hunters, she said that her biggest risk is mountain lions, bobcats, and coyotes. I haven’t seen a bobcat or mountain lion around here, but we definitely have coyotes.

I’m going to ask my mom if I can walk her back to her family because I don’t want to risk losing my new best friend!