Dog Assists Dad In Making Yummy Breakfast

There is nothing better than fresh pancakes in the morning! Well, maybe except one thing – fresh pancakes in the morning made by my human! For some reason, his pancakes always taste better than diner takeout, or the ones made by his friends. His are just so much sweeter and fluffier to me!

And when he makes them, I love helping him! But since my thumbs can’t help me hold a spatula, my help is more of the company and moral support kind.

The smell of pancakes is just so GOOD! Even when they’re still cooking like this, the smell makes my mouth water. I especially like it when my human adds fruits or a bit of meat on the side. I wonder what he’ll do with them today?

Ah, here’s a job for me! I can be the table! I love when my human comes up with fun games like this. Balancing is his favorite game, so I’ve gotten pretty good at it. It used to just be toys and squeaky bones, but then we graduated to bigger stuff! Plates and books were just some of the things we started balancing. Now, I know how to keep perfectly still and balance tons of stuff on my snout – sometimes for up to ten mintues! That’s gotta be some kinda world record, right?

And before I know it, he’s done! Mmm-mm, they smell great! Since my human was the one who did the hard work, and actually made the pancakes, he can eat them first. Not only will he have a full belly so he can make more for me, it’ll also give me some more balancing practice! He gets a good kick out of it, too.

This has to be one of my favorite parts of a weekend morning. Just making pancakes with my human, having a blast!

It isn’t long before he’s all set with his food. Once he was done eating, my human went and made three more pancakes for me! And the best part? He added fruit to the pancakes and added some meat on the side! Best breakfast ever!