Dog and Human Mom Whisper Back and Forth Their Deepest Secrets

Lemme tell you something: when you’re close to someone, you don’t mind if they know all your secrets, because you trust them with your whole heart. That’s how I feel about my owner. I love her so much and would trust her with all my craziest secrets! I wanna tell her about the goofy and crazy things I get up to, and she’s such a good secret-keeper, I know she won’t tell anyone.

Think a human can’t understand English? Au contraire! My human understands me completely, I’ll have you know. And it’s always fun when I get to share stuff with her that no one else knows about! We giggle and exchange all kinds of new secrets, like we’re at a slumber party! Beause we’re so close, we spend a lot of time together, so I can confidently say I know her more than most of her two-legged friends. If only they knew how goofy and mushy we get when we play the whispering game. They would be so envious because we share all our secrets like true BFFs.

Will You Whisper in My Ear?

I always start a good gab sesh by sitting on the couch with my owner next to me. I’m always in a great mood beforehand, excited about what I’m going to hear. To let her know I’m listening, I place my paw on my owner’s arm, and she leans closer to me with her hands cupped behind her ears. She’s always eager to know what I have to whisper, which makes it more fun!

My string of secrets always starts off with me telling her how much I love her, and how she’s my favorite person in the whole wide world! Okay, I know technically that’s not a secret, and she’s not surprised to hear it because she knows it. But it’s just something I want her to know!

She always looks so pleased to hear my words and never hesitates to lean in to tell me something. (Hehe, she’s a dog whisperer). I’m so excited, and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Oh, she loves me too? And I’m her favorite furry friend in the whole wide world? Of course, silly. I know that. Aren’t we just adorable?

More Secrets to Share

Whenever we play the whispering game, it’s like we’re in our own little world. It’s so sweet! We always share laughs, giggles, and insider jokes and stories that no one else gets to hear. It’s top secret stuff – for her ears and mine only.

And oh boy, next time we do this I’ve got a pretty embarrassing secret to tell. When it’s time for the whispering game, all the secrets gotta come out. Know why? Because we don’t hide things from each other. Being open and honest is huge to keeping a friendship strong! Nothing is worse than the feeling of keeping a secret from your best bud. Or worse: finding out your bestie kept secrets from you. Ouchie, that always stings. Good thing we’re not like that!

Once we’re done with a good gossip session, we make it a point to binge and watch movies! Last time we shared buckets o’ secrets, we watched Hallmark movies and had a mega feast of kibble (for me), sandwiches (for her) and stew (for both of us). That has to be my favorite part! The cleansing bit and then feasting. Wow, what a blast!