Dog and Cat are Caught Cuddling on the Couch as They Watch TV

My human’s parents love this old movie called “The Odd Couple”. It’s about these two friends that are super different, but still like each other!

Well, that’s kind of how I am with my human’s other pet! See, I’m not the only furry friend in my humans’ life. They have a cat too! She’s been around for a few years now and, believe it or not, we’ve never actually fought! We’re basically our own odd couple.

The Humans Recorded The Cat and I Snuggling Together

I’ve never understood it when people say that cats and dogs fight. I mean, I’m sure some do, but we definitely don’t!  We spend so much time together. We keep each other company when the humans are off working or shopping, and we like the same shows and music.

And best of all, we love to snuggle together! Snuggling is a surefire way to relax me, and it helps me fall asleep faster. I don’t think I go a day without them.

It confuses the heck out of visitors, but let them stare! We’ll be a great example of dog-cat friendships.

The Humans Recording Us Is Probably Worse for the Cat

Sometimes, my humans’ friends have a tough time believing that we get along so well, so sometimes my humans will have to take a picture or record a video as proof! Sometimes it’s the only way to convince anyone that we actually get along well!

My humans’ friends will also sometimes bring their dogs or cats around to see if we get along. And guess what? We always do! There’s always some confusion at first, especially when it’s a dog or a cat that doesn’t get along with a dog or cat in their home, but then they come around when they see what good friends we are! I always hope they end up improving things at home afterwards.

I Think the Cat is Embarrassed About Snuggling Me

I will say though, sometimes the cat gets a little embarrassed when it comes to being recorded. She sees snuggling as a private thing, like a personal conversation, so she gets so uncomfortable when there’s a camera!

I always have to calm her down and assure her afterwards that it’s just a video – and there’s always more cuddles afterwards so I can calm her down!

I think the cat probably disagrees with me that it’s no big deal, but my humans try to keep the videos short, at the very least.

It’s Time To Sleep and Have Some Good Dreams

After a good snuggle, I always feel so sleepy! It’s always great to hug the cat close to me and fall asleep like that. Sweet dreams!