Dog Accidentally Pushes Owner Off Boat and Into the Water

My brother and I love the weekend. We always fill our time by chasing squirrels, digging up the neighbor’s lawn, and running away from our mom.

But our favorite weekend activity is definitely going on our dad’s boat! While most dogs keep their paws planted firmly on the ground, we have sailed across the world!

Okay, maybe it’s just the lake. It’s still a pretty big deal though.

Today was a boating day and my dad was in such a good mood! He’s been feeding us treats, drinking beer, and we’ve been getting a ton of head pats. Here he is asking me for hugs and of course I’m happy to give them!

He doesn’t seem to realize that I am very big, and compared to me he is quite small.

I decided to compromise with him and tried to give him just a handshake. I was really worried about hurting him by accident!

He persisted though and continued asking me to jump up. I didn’t want to, but he was asking and that food smelled so good…

Oh no! There he went, right over the edge of the boat.

I was concerned about my dad, but I was even more concerned about the food that went into the water after him. That was my treat and I worked hard for it!

I knew that was a bad idea…

My brother and I looked over the ledge, trying to find any trace of our dad. We couldn’t see anything except our neighbor laughing in the background. My dad is never going to forgive me for this one.

We continued to browse the water, wondering where our dad had gone. More importantly, we were wondering where our food went!

I hoped he was okay, because if he wasn’t, then who was going to feed me dinner when we got home? This was becoming a very serious matter…

Finally! Safe at last, my dad popped up around the back of the boat. My brother had just run off to go fight the neighbor’s dog because we could tell he was laughing at my dad along with the neighbor.

I stuck around to help get my dad out of the water because that’s what a good dog does. I really don’t know what he thinks he would do without me around to help him when he gets himself into these sticky situations (even if I was the one that caused it in the first place).

What I do know is that he owes me another treat and that I will have someone to feed me when we get home tonight.

All’s well that ends well!