Do Dogs Pee In Their Sleep?

Well, hi there humans. I see you are interested in if we dogs urinate in our sleep. Today, I will be telling you all about why one of us may have some bladder trouble while they are off in dreamland.

My name is Luci, I’m a St Bernard. Not the kind of dog you thought would be talking to you about this today? Well, facts are, any dog can have a leaky bladder from time to time, even a big strong boy like me.

The truth is, urinary incontinence is not hugely uncommon in dogs, especially as we get older, a bit like you. However, it is rarer in male dogs, it is more common in neutered male dogs.

While it may be ideal to neuter your dog, it can make them pee a little bit in their sleep.

Female dogs will often urinate in their sleep, just a few drops. It might wet her fur a bit, but it won’t wet the bedding. You should be careful of this, it won’t bother you, but it may be enough to bother her, leading to possible urinary tract infections.

Like with you humans, girl dogs are more likely to get urinary tract infections than us boys are.

There are a few reasons a dog might have urinary incontinence, my problem is that I was neutered when young and its come back to haunt me in my older years, that’s the last thing an old boy like me wants… more problems.

We can also get it when young, simply because as a puppy we just need to pee all the time. We may also get it from a spinal cord injury, diabetes, kidney disease, prostate disorder, or urinary stones.

Dogs can get just as many issues as you when it comes to the waterworks.

Why would a dog pee while sleeping?

A dog that is doing great doesn’t pee in their sleep for no reason. It can be any issue mentioned above; an old dog like me neutered young may suffer for it later in life, another dog could be suffering a UTI, diabetes, or other issues.

If it’s a puppy, they just need bathroom trips more often, generally as pups we need to pee every three hours or so.

But if your dog isn’t a pup, you should probably get them to the vet, RUFF, as soon as possible to make sure there is nothing wrong that needs addressing.

A weak or incontinent bladder on its own is not a massive problem, and it is certainly not deadly, but if it’s pawed with diabetes or kidney disease, it would be a sad day as that can lead to death if unaddressed.

Once you have realized that your dog is having trouble with controlling their bladder, check how much they are drinking and for the signs for leakage. This way you can narrow down the issues and hopefully avoid the vet. GRRR.

Most of the time though, you will need to take us to the vet if we are having trouble with our bladder. If it is a one time problem, and it doesn’t keep repeating itself then you can probably avoid taking us.

But, if it happens more than once, and we seem to be getting a bit uncomfortable or frustrated by it then it is best to seek a doctor,

If you do need to take us to see a vet, try they may also need a sample from us, so make sure that we can provide that.

Try to reduce the possibility of these issues by feeding us more wet food and making sure that we drink enough water, especially in the girls this will stop a UTI, or stones from rearing its ugly head.

In boys neutering can prevent our prostate from enlarging, but remember that like me, this may come back to haunt you in older age.

Keep an eye on the little ones, I don’t mean pups, those smaller dogs, Shih Tzus and Dachshunds as well as other similar dogs, are more likely to suffer with spinal cord disease, unlike me their bodies have to do a lot more just to get around, keep them slim and assist them with ramps to make jumping easier for them.

Why is my dog peeing on their bed suddenly?

If this happens, it is not good human. If this behavior starts suddenly and without any warning, then it is probably a good idea to get us looked over.

If the dog has been living with you for a long time and is trained, having been housebroken, then the only reason for sudden peeing in the bed is a medical condition.

Off to the vet with you! RUFF, RUFF!

Can dogs have nightmares and pee?

Have you peed yourself because of a nightmare? Probably not. We don’t tend to do this either.

It is not instinctive to pee in your sleep unless there is a problem, this applies to both humans, like you! And to dogs, like me!

However, if a dog is having a fit and seizing, they may lose control of their bladder and bowels in which case they may release urine and feces.

This is nothing to do with nightmares though, and is universal though any animal that has a seizure. It is wise to keep it in mind if you, or your dog suffers with seizures.

How to Know If Your Dog has a UTI

Ugh, UTI’s. Common in girls, less common in males. If your fluffy girl has a UTI, she will suffer similar to how a human would. Attempting urination every time they go outside, straining to urinate, or cry when they urinate.

There may be blood in the urine, she may drip urine, and she will also probably frequently lick her genitals, its sore, and licking them soothes the pain.

UTI’s suck, and we hate them just as much as you. They are probably the most common cause of incontinence that is universal among so many animals.

Right human, I’m off. After talking to you about all this, I need to pee again. Take care of your furry friends and tell them Luci said ‘Hello!’ RUFF!