Disabled Dog Plays on the Beach with the Help of a Wheelchair

The sun on my back, the wind in my hair, and the salt on my tongue! There is nothing better than running on the beach with my human! My paws don’t get hot, like when we’re walking on the sidewalk, and I don’t have to worry about stepping on something pointy, like twigs or broken toys. Long story short: beach runs are the absolute BEST, and they’re even better when I’m running with my human!

Oh, what’s this, you ask? Just my wheelchair! What, you’ve never seen a dog in a wheelchair? Well, prepare to have your mind blown! There are tons of doggos that use wheelchairs every single day, and we can move around just fine!

See, unlike humans, we dogs have four legs. That means if one leg doesn’t work, we normally can move around okay. But when two or more stop working or get really hurt? Then, just like people, we need a bit of extra help! We get special wheelchairs that act like extra legs, and keep us moving around! I’ve been in mine for a few years, and I run better than ever now!

Mine was custom-made by a dog accessory supplier wayyyy across the country! My human had to take all my measurements, take some pictures of me, and even do a video call with the makers to get everything just right! It was a lot of work, but look at me now! Totally worth it, right?

This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve attracted attention, too! Lots of dogs and people think my wheelchair is the coolest! And honestly, can you blame them? I mean, check out this rig! Like I said, made just for me, and made to be extra cozy. The bars and straps make sure I don’t slip out, and the material is all super-soft and durable. When I’m in my wheelchair, I’m a lean, mean running machine! And my human loves to tag along for the ride.