Determined Dog Tries To Take Down Tree Branch for the Ultimate Stick

Plant life is the best!! There is nothing cooler than a plant. Flowers are so pretty and smell amazing, fruits and veggies come from plants and there’s even plants that eat other creatures! Venus flytraps are the coolest things ever.

But, by far, my favorite plants are trees. Trees are just soooo cool! They’re big and tough and strong, and they live hundreds of years! I used to think humans lived a long time, but trees have them beat! They live for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years! Isn’t that amazing?

And because I love trees so much, sometimes I’ll collect tree pieces to keep and play with later.

Exercise + Plants = Best Afternoon Ever

You know, I’m one to strike fear in the hearts of many. This tree is no exception to the rule! They’re super afraid of me, I can feel it. I mean, who wouldn’t be afraid of me? A big strong dog like myself trying to tear a branch of a tree like this? Oh boy, I can even see its leaves quaking with fear.

Big dogs like myself love to look big and tough. So this is great exercise to keep that fear factor up!

Why do I want to look tough, you ask? Because it’s fun, and it keeps those pesky guys that are always coming by the house away. You know, those guys with the blue shirts that are always bringing papers and boxes to the house. Super creepy!

This Tree Branch Is Tougher than I Thought

Now, tough-dog exercises like this take a LOT of muscle. I’ve spent years training. Running, digging up bones, playing frisbee, you name it. I’ve spent a long time getting into tip-top shape, and I have to do regular exercise to maintain my strength.

So on top of getting a cool new plant, I get my daily exercises in, too!

I Now Know Why Humans Use Tools to Get Rid of Tree Branches

Getting tree branches off is super tough, though. I mean, those things are stuck on there! They’re like tree arms, so I guess that makes sense that they’d be really stuck on there. But boy, I thought I could easily overpower this tree! Who knew it was so tough?

I can see why humans use those loud, scary machines to chomp the branches away. Those things make me hide under the covers, but they sure do get the job done!

I Chomp Away at the Tree Branch

But you know what? The secret to getting what you want is not being good at it at first. The trick is to keep trying until you get it right! Perseverance is key here, and I intend to stay out here all day until I accomplish my goal. All night even, if I need to!

Welllll, maybe not all night. I’ll have to go inside to get dinner at some point. And also get some sleep. But the rest of the time? Oh this tree is mine!

I have determination. I’ll get this branch on way or another! … Maybe my humans will let me use that branch cutter machine if I have too much trouble?