Determined Boston Terrier is an Escape Artist

You know, I understand the purpose of cages. Just like playpens for human pups, cages for doggos help keep us in place to make sure we don’t wander off and get hurt. We’re kept safe, and our humans don’t have to worry about tripping over us in the middle of the night! It’s a good setup, but sometimes my humans will stick me in here when I’m not tired yet! How terrible is it to be sent to bed when you’re not even sleepy yet?? This must be some kind of crime.

So on nights like these, when I’m way too awake to sleep but my humans have stuck me in here, guess what I do? I do a little sneaky-sneak and I climb out! It’s a bit of work, and the humans are always annoyed when they find me sleeping on the living room floor in the morning, but totally worth it! A bit of extra freedom now and again never hurt anyone. And the way I do this is suuuuuper easy, too! The humans still haven’t figured out how to stop me, too! Muahahaha.

It just takes a bit of climbing is all! This cage doesn’t have a top, so all I have to do is ally-oop! And climb my way up and out! The humans know I do it; they’ve seen me do it, but guess what? They’re usually so tired that they don’t stop me when they see me do it! They just look at me bleary-eyed, open the cage door to see if I go in, then go to bed when I stay put. Then I get the TV all to myself for as long as I want!

And tonight is one of those nights where I do it! I’m wide awake, the humans are tired, and the cage top is still uncovered. Time to JUMP and escape! Oh boy, I can’t wait to watch the late-night talk show hosts with some bacon treats! Humans! Before you go to bed, please put the TV to channel three.