Deta Refuses To Leave Her Owner’s Burial Site in Show of Dedication and Love

Hi, my name is Bridget, and I’m a dog! Similar to other dogs, the most important companion I have in my life is my owner! I understand that my owner will probably live longer than me. Therefore, my owner probably had a dog before me and will probably get a dog after I pass away; however, it can be a total shock if an owner passes away before his or her dog!

I remember before I was adopted, I spent my life in a shelter. The instant I was taken home, my life completely changed. If my owner passed away, I have no earthly idea what I would do. Therefore, it was incredibly heartwarming when I saw a recent video of a devoted dog that refused to leave the gravesite of her owner! It brought a tear to my eye and really got me thinking about what would happen next!

The Owner Passed Away, Leaving Deta Behind

Recently, I saw a video of my friend named Deta. I knew that Deta was going through a difficult time because I stopped seeing her around the area. Her owner would always bring her to the same area, and I really enjoy playing with her. Unfortunately, Deta stopped showing up, so I knew something bad had happened. Then, I saw a video showing a cemetery. That told me that Deta’s owner had likely passed away.

Like all dogs, it is absolutely devastating when an owner passes away. It leads to complete upheaval in our lives, and we often wonder what will happen next.

Deta Refused To Leave the Grave

Like all living things, we like to pay respect to the loved ones we have who passed away. This includes dogs, cats, and people in our lives. Without a doubt, there was a large funeral when Deta’s owner passed away. Everyone attends the service and goes to the cemetery to pay their final respects.

In the video, Deta was the last one there. It was obvious that she felt a deep attachment to her owner because she refused to leave the grave. She had a lot to say to an owner who clearly did a lot for her during her life. It’s possible that her owner was the only person who ever took care of Deta. I know that if my owner passed away, I would probably do the exact same thing. My owner has completely changed my life, and I will be forever grateful to him.

Deta Embraces the New Owners

So, now that Deta’s owner has passed away, who gets her? Based on the video I saw, it looks like her owner’s daughter and husband will get her now. I’m sure that her family members are also devastated by the passing of her mother. It is nice that they are going to take Deta in, because otherwise, she would have to fend for herself.

Clearly, Deta’s new owners were also touched by her devotion. I can even hear the daughter say that she is crying because Deta is refusing to leave the final resting place of her companion. It sounds like Deta’s owner rarely left the house in her old age, so she has been a constant companion to Deta. This has probably made the separation even harder. It is good to hear that Deta’s new owners are going to visit the gravesite regularly after adopting Deta.

What Will Happen Next for Dogs?

This was a very heartwarming video for me to watch, and I am glad to see that Deta was treated so well. It really got me thinking about what it is like for dogs to lose their owners. For many dogs, their owners are the only people who will ever take care of them. Their owners are their entire world. I know that if my owner passed away, I would be completely lost.

I am glad to see that there was a plan in place to find Deta a new home when her owner passed away. That way, she will still get the love, care, and attention that she deserves. I know that my owners have the same plan in place for me!