Deer and Dog Playfully Chase Each Other Along Fence

Every morning I go out to say hi to the neighbor’s dog. She’s a pretty cool chick. We do a lot of fun things together! We race along the fence, we talk about what we played with the day before.

Sometimes, if I have extra, I will bring her a few treats. She’s become one of my best friends!

Today, I ran outside to say good morning to her and talk to her about what I saw across the street (the Doberman Pinscher was chasing the neighbor’s cat again, and he got sprayed with a water hose by the cat’s owner! It was hilarious!)

Wait a second, this isn’t my best friend! This does not look like a floofy boi at all… It’s a deer! A grown-up deer!

Okay, then. Maybe my friend’s owners kept her inside to protect her from the deer (she is a tiny little poodle, she could easily get stepped on).

I wonder if this deer wants to play “race the fence” with me? I’m going to give it a shot. It’s a really fun game, so I can’t see why the deer would say no!

I am doing me a win! I’m winning the race! Wow, I am the fastest floofy boi in town. Dale Earnhardt Jr. can just take a seat because no one can beat me!

Every time I do a race, I just tell myself “fast paws, fast paws, fast paws” over and over again. It helps me go faster!

That was super fun, but I want to get to know more about this deer. I have so many questions to ask!

First I wanted to know what she eats. I have a super yummy snack inside, but I’m not sure if she will eat my treats.

She said she usually just eats grass, plants or other flowers (I have a new animal to blame for munching on my mom’s garden now!) but that she would love to give my treat a try.

She also said that she has broken away from her herd (I guess that’s a pack of deer?) so she needs to get back to them soon.

It is hunting season, so if she is gone for too long, her family might worry. Plus, she has two little ones at home that she just delivered this spring and they are waiting for their breakfast!

See you later, my “deer” friend!