Dachshund Puppy Learns to Ring Bell for Service and Yummy Treats

I just woke up from a nap and guess what? Dad is calling me. I better go and see what he wants. He’s the best and he gives me food and rubs and treats all the time.

I run up to see what Dad wants. He’s playing with some silver thing, but I distract him because I am the cutest. That’s what he’s always saying. Whoa, it made a ding when I hit it with my paw. I wonder what it is.

Do I sniff a treat?

Before I investigate the silver thing, I catch a whiff of something. Is it a treat?! Oh yeah, it’s a treat alright. I might still be a pup but I’m developing quite the nose for treats. My favorites are biscuits and then bully sticks, but I eat carrot and zucchini too. Dad says I need to eat my vegetables so I can grow big and strong.

I don’t know how to tell him that I don’t think I’m going to be very tall. Oh well, size doesn’t matter.

Dad is really into this silver thing. He keeps pointing me in its direction. Maybe it’s a new toy that he just really, really likes. Uh, Dad? How does it work?

I’m not sure if I need to boop it with my nose or bite it? Whoops, I stood on it by accident. WAIT, it dinged again! Dad seems really pleased. This is such a weird toy. But I made it ding and he gave me a treat. Maybe I should try that again.

Whoa! Another ding, and another treat. I get it! Sweet deal.

Hmm. I’ve worked out that every time I ding the silver thing, I get a treat. Poor Dad, maybe he hasn’t figured out the toy yet, but I don’t mind showing him. He keeps saying I’m a good boy, which is just as nice as the treats.

Look Dad, you do it like this. Smack it down with your paw.

I’m starting to think this silver thing is magic. It works EVERY TIME. So many treats. I can’t focus. Just feed me human. I can’t believe I’ve managed to train Dad using his own toy!

Uh…I’m starting to get a little full. I love treats, but I’m still so little and boy is my tum full of treats now. I just can’t stop though; Dad is being such a good boy too! He’s got the routine down really well now. I ring, he feeds, I ring, he feeds.

Wait, all of a sudden, he’s out of treats? I guess maybe he does need more training.

Can’t you see I’m ringing here, Dad?

Oh well. I guess I’ll go nap. Or play with Dad. I’ll resume his training tomorrow.