Cute Puppy Plays Peekaboo with Laughing Baby Human Sister

My parents brought home this tiny hooman about 6 months ago, and she’s been my best friend and playmate since day one! I love to hear her giggle and laugh at all the funny things I do, and she loves to play games with me.

Her favorite game is peek-a-boo! She gets a kick out of it, and I’m not quite sure why. If it keeps her happy, though, I don’t care. I’ll do anything to make her smile!

Here we are playing peekaboo and I’ll tell you a little more about why babies think this game is so entertaining!

Boo! Ha! It gets her every time!

Anyway, I was asking my mom why she liked this game so much (I do this to my older brother all the time and he does not think it’s that fun) and she told me about object permanence. Apparently, up until a certain age, babies don’t realize that things that are outside their line of sight still exist.

So, she basically thinks that every time I hide behind this chair that I’m gone forever. Then, when I pop up again, she gets super excited!

It’s a really funny thing to watch and it keeps her occupied, so our mom lets us play it as much as we want.

Uh-oh! Where did I go? She is probably so worried right now, but it’s okay because I always pop back up!

One time we were playing this and she got so upset that I hid from her and she started crying. She does that a lot, the crying thing. Puppies don’t cry like hoomans do; hoomans are much louder.

I’m trying to think of another game to play with her but I can’t think of anything that she would find fun, since she isn’t walking quite yet.

I’m back again! See the difference in her smile? I love that I can get this kind of reaction from her.

She really is the best little sister that a pup could ask for. Sure, she poops in the house and doesn’t get in trouble for it like I do, but that’s okay.

Sometimes we have to deal with a little poop from the people we love. I wish my mom would be a little easier on me about that though, because sometimes I don’t make it to the doggy door in time!

Alright, I’m off to plan some other games for the tiny hooman. I am hoping she will start walking soon and we can play “chase the squirrels” together. That’s my favorite game!