Cool Puppy Cruises around Downtown Strapped to Dad’s Back

Biker dudes? Try biker dogs! Who says dogs don’t know their way around a great hog? I’m here to put those myths to rest once and for all.

Now, I’ve been a biker dog for pretty much my whole life. My humans have been bikers for a long time, so it only made sense that they’d raise me to be a biker as well. Of course, they haven’t made doggie-safe motorcycles just yet, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still come along for rides! I like to think of myself as their good-luck charm, because I’ve been on hundreds of rides and we’ve always been safe!

The best part of being a biker is that we’re all one big family. All the bikers around here know each other, and they always hang out together. It’s great when my humans are hosting, and everyone’s together grilling and having a great time!

Why Being a Biker Dog Is So Cool

Whenever I’m out on a ride, my favorite part is feeling the wind in my fur. I almost feel like I’m flying! I know I can trust my human to drive safe, so sometimes I even close my eyes and just enjoy the speed. My favorite part is when we leave the city and ride by the beach. Talk about a VIEW! Sometimes I wish they made cameras for doggies so I could take pictures of our adventures.

My Dad always looks fantastic too – we make quite the pair whenever we go out. He makes it a point to have his helmet and shades on, which even though they’re to keep his head safe and the sun out of his eyes, look beyond cool to boot! And then we’re off, racing the wind. Nothing beats tha!  Know what’s even better? My owner says I’m the best riding companion ever, so I get to ride with him most times. I know some dogs that hate bikes, but I’m not terrified of riding on one. I love it!

You know, my Dad is a safe driver. That’s why I never have any trouble hopping into his sidecar or backpack. You know how dangerous motorcycles can be, especially if you have a serious need-for-speed addiction, like me? Things can ge ugly with the wrong person behind the handlebars. The good thing is my Dad isn’t into any reckless driving or anything like that. He knows how to hit that sweet speed spot, so we can both get the thrill without the danger, you know what I mean?

So yeah, I’m a die-hard biker dog through and through! I live for speed, and I have the perfect biking buddy. I think every dog and human should do it at some point! Seriously, guys, you should give motorcycle riding a try and let your dogs see the other side of life. I mean walking is good for exercise and all, but it can get pretty boring sometimes. Everything looks different and exciting from up here. My heart is always racing when we do it, so that’s like exercising, right, but in a much more fun way? Anyway, see ya on the other side of town. Whoohoo!!