Confused Dog Can’t Figure Out the Puppy Sounds Coming from the Laptop

Okay, so, let me start off by saying I’m a dog of many talents. I can run, fetch, jump, dig and catch frisbees. I can even chase squirrels out of the yard! I do a lot around here, but here’s one thing I CAN’T do: shrink down to the size of a toy and get inside a screen!

I mean, I see other dogs doing it all the time! It’s crazy! Is it some kind of magic trick? Do they have to do some kind of special training? How do they do it?

My humans think it’s funny when I try studying these dogs in the screen. I’m just trying to figure out how they do it. At least on TVs it makes sense. Those screens are bigger and you don’t need to shrink down that much (although my family did not appreciate it when I tried to test my skills and get into the TV). But this thing? How does anyone fit in here? I’ve even seen people in here!

I’ll see all sorts of animals in here. Birds, cats, guinea pigs – even sharks! Now I get really confused when I see fish. I mean, where does the water go? Doesn’t water mess up all this stuff? How do the sides of the screen not get wet? It’s gotta be the greatest trick I’ve ever seen. And no dog has been able to figure it out! How do humans understand how this works?

Time for Some Investigations

Wait a minute… could it be that they’re not really inside that screen? Is that possible? Hmmmm, this could use some more investigating. Could this be like those tiny screens that my humans keep in their pockets? Because I know those magical things can capture all kinds of pictures and stuff without actually cramming anyone inside. But those have cameras and go all over the place to record things. Where’s the camera on this thing? Plus it never leaves the house!

See, I know how cameras work… usually. You point and capture, right? But how does that work with a computer? Maybe there’s a way humans are getting the pictures and videos they capture on their phones onto here? That could be it…

Human technology is just so crazy, I can’t even keep up with it all! How do humans even know how to work all these crazy machines? Boy, humans are super smart. Maybe one of my humans can give me lessons on how to use everything.

The Truth Revealed

So I think I’m right. I think this is people recording stuff with phones and other cameras, and then getting it onto the computer. Wow! That’s just super neat. I can’t wait to see what else humans are capable of making next. I’ve already seen some humans with these fancy goggles. It looks like they can see inside computers with them? I don’t know, it’s super crazy.

Anyways, I’m off to see what other neat stuff this computer is capable of. Maybe I can find music? Or videos of other doggos? The possibilities are endless!