Cat Defends Sweet Puppy When Another Cat is Being Mean

I am a very friendly boi, I get along with just about anyone and I love to make new friends!

Today, my best cat friend and I were outside. We spent the afternoon playing “cats vs dogs” which is our favorite play-fight game.

We also got a ton of snacks to munch on from the plants outside the house. They have super yummy berries on them.

Then, we saw another cat come up! I was so excited about meeting my new friend! My kitty friend told me that his name is Garfield and I wanted to see if he would like to play “cats vs dogs” with us.

Hey there big orange guy! How’s it going? Do you want to play a game with us?

The rules are really simple. I think you’ll like the game. Basically, we pretend to fight each other (but we don’t hurt each other, that’s against the rules). Things like tackling, tripping, or play biting is okay, as long as it isn’t aggressive.

The game is called “cats vs dogs” and the first person to run away loses! Are you ready to play?

Hey! What are you doing?! Help! This is a violation of Title 7, Section 9 in the “cats vs dogs” rule book! Ouch! You hurt me!

Kitty friend, please help! I am going to do me a run away now! Disappearing boi has been activated!

Someone call my mom! Call the cops! Call someone! I have been assaulted by this big orange meany!

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust a random cat ever again. I don’t think she was playing! She was just being mean.

My best kitty friend has come to the rescue! Ya! Get her! Am still doin’ me a hide. I am too scared to go out and see this mean old cat.

Be careful! She has very sharp claws! And she bites super hard. I think I’m bleeding.

Oh my goodness, what if mom makes me go to the vet to get shots? What if I bleed to death? This is against the rules. There is not supposed to be any physical injury in this game. I don’t understand why she did that! What did I ever do to her? I am a good boi, I love kitties. And she attacked me!

I think we are going to have to disqualify this kitty. She is just too aggressive to play games with us. What a jerk!