Can Dogs Eat Curry?

As you probably already know, we dogs are scavengers. This is why you may find us eating pretty much anything that we find on the floor, or anything within our reach, even if it is bad for us.

As well as eating pretty much anything that we can get our paws on, we also regularly covet our owner’s food, much to their distaste.

There are so many things that my owner eats which look so yummy, but I’m never allowed any. I can’t say I blame my owner, if I was eating something as scrumptious as that, I probably wouldn’t want to share either.


One thing that my owner often eats, and I want to try, is something they call ‘curry’. But no matter how much I whine and nag, my owner won’t give me any.

One day after a particularly long time spent whining for some curry, my owner told me that I wasn’t allowed. And after some more whining, she eventually told me why.

So if your dog often nags for some curry, tell them that, sadly, they aren’t allowed. Let me tell you why.

Can Dogs Eat Curry?

In one word, no. Unfortunately, we dogs aren’t allowed to eat curry no matter how much we whine and cry for it. Despite how yummy it smells and as tasty it could be, curry can be very bad for dogs if they eat it.

If you are a dog owner, you are probably already aware that we have incredibly sensitive stomachs, and there are a lot of foods that we aren’t allowed to eat.

Sadly for us dogs, a lot of these foods tend to be ones which our owners love, and foods that smell great such as chocolate, anything with garlic in, and, unfortunately, curry.

The main reason that we dogs aren’t allowed to eat curry is because of the different ingredients that together make this recipe. There are a lot of variations of curries depending on what cuisine you choose, but there is one thing that all curries have in common, and that is that they contain spices.

My owner tells me that without these spices, a curry wouldn’t be a curry, and so it isn’t possible to just take these spices out for me to be able to eat it.

She tells me that the nice smell that comes from a curry is because of the spices, and without this, a curry would be really bland. So as much as it upsets me, and all of my doggy friends, we cannot eat curry.

What Happens if Dogs Eat Curry?

As I have said, we dogs are scavengers, and so even though we aren’t allowed to eat curry I do have some doggy friends who have managed to try some.

They said that it was yummy, but in no way was it worth the pain and sickness that they experienced after eating it.

We dogs have incredibly sensitive stomachs and a huge amount of food intolerances. Some of these intolerances are more serious than others, and they can sometimes cause us to need a trip to the vets if we eat too much of one of these foods.

Luckily, my friends who have managed to try curry only had a lick of it, so they didn’t need to go to the vets, but it did make them very sick.

When we dogs eat curry, our stomachs have the same reaction as human beings who have food intolerances. So when we eat curry, it really upsets our stomachs.

Almost immediately after eating it, we dogs will begin to get stomach pains which can later lead to diarrhea and vomiting, which is incredibly unpleasant. Depending on the amount of curry that we eat, this can become worse and could cause us to need a trip to the vets.

So no matter how much we nag for curry, you should never feed your dog any otherwise they could become very ill.

Is Rice Good for Dogs?

Even though we dogs cannot eat curry, we are allowed to eat a food that is commonly paired with curry, and that is rice. I love rice, I find it so yummy, even though some people say that it is bland.

A lot of rice that is used in Indian and Chinese cuisine that is paired with curry is actually packed with spices, so we dogs cannot eat these types of rice, but plain rice is perfectly okay.

But if you want to feed your dog rice, it must be cooked correctly. You should only ever feed your dog white rice, and this white rice must be thoroughly cooked before you place it in your dog’s bowl.

There is a general consensus that rice is good for dogs, but this isn’t necessarily true. White rice doesn’t offer us dogs any extra health benefits, but it also isn’t bad for us, like spiced kinds of rice are.

A lot of vets recommend that you give your dog white rice as a meal if they are experiencing stomach problems, or have recently had an operation. When I was younger, I had to have a little operation at the vets which included being put under something known as ‘anesthetic’.

Going under this medication means that you aren’t allowed to eat for a long time before you go to the vets, so after the procedure is done, your stomach becomes very sensitive.

My vet recommended that my owner feed me white rice and some boiled chicken when she took me home, and she did. It was the best meal I have ever eaten and it made me feel a lot better than I did before.

So while rice isn’t necessarily good for us dogs in terms of health benefits, it is excellent for getting us to eat again if we have gone off our food, so in a way, it is good for us.


In short, sadly us dogs cannot eat curry.

It smells amazing and I can only imagine it tastes even better, but the spices which make the curry taste good can really upset our stomachs and make us ill.

So you should never feed your dog curry, even if we nag for it.