Can Dogs Eat Clams?

If you have a dog, then you know how much we love to share your human food!

As a dog myself, I can speak for all of us canine companions when I say I love human food. It is much more delicious than regular kibble, and I like to steal my owner’s treats if I can.

Sometimes, my human tells me that she wants to eat in peace, but I know she is joking, and she enjoys it when I stare at her. Drooling. Thinking about her food.

With our affinity for food, you may have noticed that us dogs will literally eat anything. And I mean anything! The question is should we eat them?

Some human foods may be delicious for you, and they certainly smell good to us, but they can be harmful for our canine bodies. This is why it is so important that you know exactly what foods you can give your furry friends, and which ones you cannot.

A popular question many owners ask is can dogs eat clams, so I am here to help you understand whether we can eat them too, or whether you have to be shellfish with your food!

What are clams?

To find out whether these types of foods are suitable for us doggies, you should first know a little bit about clams and where they come from!

Clams are a certain type of seafood found in freshwater, that are great for grilling and frying. These are part of the mollusk family, much like mussels and oysters, and are just as delicious!

But are they safe for dogs to eat?

Can dogs eat clams?

You may be surprised to find that, yes we can eat clams! Clams are a great source of healthy protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium.

As clams are stuffed full of protein, they are actually very good for us doggies, because this helps us maintain healthy muscles. In addition Omega 3 is paw-fect for boosting all aspects of health, decreasing inflammation and the risks of other illnesses.

Also, the inclusion of zinc means that clams can help promote healthy joints, whilst the influx of iron can help us keep our high energy levels, so that we are able to go on lots and lots and lots and lots of walkies!

With this in mind, it can be good for us doggies to have a little shellfish such as clams in our diet, but remember that moderation is key. As with most human foods we should only have a little bit, and not a lot or it could make us feel poorly! Just give us 1 or 2 clams as a tasty treat, and do not go overboard.

Additionally, we need to only eat fish that is completely cooked, and not raw as this can make us very unwell, and you will have to take away the shells from the clams.

Without removing the shells, we could accidentally swallow them, which could lead to choking, or a blockage in our airways, or even a blockage in our digestive system, which nobody wants to happen!

The best way to serve up clams for your furry friend, is of course cooked, and as an addition to our canned or dry kibbles, or as a special treat and a snack! Remember to serve us shellfish in moderation, as this is best for our health, but I cannot promise that we will not ask for more once we’re done!

Can dogs eat shellfish?

You may think that us doggies would say yes to any food, but the truth of the matter is, yes, we can eat shellfish, as long as it is cooked throughout, and not raw. This is to reduce the chance of us ingesting a parasite, or becoming sick.

Most dogs should not eat shellfish unless it is cooked properly. This is largely down to the fact that raw shellfish can carry bacteria and intestinal parasites, and so they should be cooked to remove such parasites, and prevent those who eat it from becoming sick. With most raw shellfish, symptoms of poisoning could be vomiting, diarrhea, or even toxicity.

That being said, a little bit of a good thing is okay, and you can give us a little taste of your clams, but keep it to one or two maximum, and make sure there are no choking hazards or shells involved.

However, keep in mind that us dogs have super sensitive digestive systems, and delicate stomachs, and even the slightest change to our diet can throw our bellies out of whack!

If you do choose to give us a little bit of shellfish, then you can expect us to have a little bit of a stomach ache afterwards, be sick, or you may see a change in our poops!

A little bit of sickness is normally nothing to worry about, and a change in the consistency of our poop is normal after a change in diet, but you should keep a watch over us to see if anything else changes, or if your pet shows signs of toxicity or an allergic reaction.

If you are worried about your pet, then seek medical help from a professional or a veterinarian, as this may save your furry friend’s life if they are suffering from shellfish poisoning.


To summarise, you are able to give your furry friend a little taste of what you are eating, especially if it is safe for us to eat, like clams.

Clams are a great source of protein for us dogs, and we will love you for sharing them with us! Just make sure that they are cooked completely, and taken out of the shell, and only give us one or two.

As always, if you ever notice that your dog has become unwell, or shows signs that they may be suffering from toxicity, then we may have poisoning, and you will need to take us to the veterinarian immediately for treatment.