Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

RUFF! Ruff, ruff! Oh, there’s a human here… hello, what are you doing here?

Oh, you want to know if I can eat cabbage? Sure! I’ll tell you! I am Fido, I am a Portuguese Mountain Dog.

Likewise, I enjoy eating everything, even the couch has had a nibble occasionally, it tastes funny. Everything deserves a good biting, this is why my owner has to move a lot of things into cupboards and draws.

I can easily make myself sick when I go nibbling at everything.

So, have I tried cabbage? Hell yeah I have. Cabbage can actually be really healthy for us dogs, much like it is for you.

You can always add more leafy greens to our food, while we love meat, and it makes up a majority of our diet, we do enjoy the odd vegetable here and there. Leafy greens are the best place to start because they are safe for us to eat, and they do bring health benefits too.

Things such as cabbage have loads of important and rich vitamins, such a vitamins K, C, B6, and B1. It is packed full of healthy fibers and essential minerals. Red cabbage also has some tasty cancer-fighting properties which is great for anyone who consumes it.

We dog’s get a lot of our nutrients from our regular diet, but getting some extras from foods like cabbage and so doesn’t hurt, as long as it hasn’t been advised against by your veterinarian.

One benefit of cabbage and leafy greens it anti-oxidant properties that help promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract, which any human and dog will definitely thank you for.

Will cooked cabbage hurt my dog?

We can eat cabbage, it can be great for skin and digestion, but it can make us rather gassy. It is also better to cook the cabbage than serve it raw, as excessive raw cabbage can bring about health problems, and we don’t want that!

Raw and cooked cabbage are both harmless to your pet and are jam packed with amazing health benefits. Most of our owners who give us cabbage prefer to cook it for us. This is because it has the best health perks for us.

Raw cabbage won’t necessarily hurt us if it is provided in small amounts, but it does contain a natural compound called thiocyanate, which may attach to our thyroid glad and end up giving hypothyroidism.

If you want to give it to us raw, remember that less is more. Don’t be over generous on how much raw cabbage you give us, cooked cabbage is better but if its raw, be more sparing.

What vegetables can my dog eat?

If you aren’t the biggest fan of cabbage, but you still want to know what greens you can share with your dog, I have some answers for you, there are plenty of options that we can have as a treat.

Do remember we are carnivorous by nature, and we do require a normal diet. But we do enjoy having a vegetable or two every now and again, the same food day in, day out can get boring, I am sure you agree.

We can eat Kale, It has plenty of vitamins and health benefits, similar to cabbage, try cooking it up first and then giving us a taste.

Similarly, we won’t turn our noses up at Spinach either, packed with all the good stuff, B6, B9, and vitamin E, as well as vitamin C and K, iron and calcium too! Next time you make a plate of spinach, give us a taste, it looks delicious.

We will happily nibble at a carrot or some green beans, give us the chance. Try us on some broccoli too, if the kids don’t like it we will!

Beets are interesting too, they have a fun flavor, it will assist our immune system and give us loads of perks for our skin and coat. Test us on some celery, maybe a cucumber? What about a yam, or butternut squash?

See, there are so many options for us, and in moderation we are happy to eat whatever veg you don’t want. Just don’t be over-zealous with giving us these things. A salad is too much. Keep grapes, resins and currants away from us, onions, garlic, chives should also be avoided.

As well as fruits such as persimmons, peaches, plums, apricots and cherries, the seeds in these fruits contain cyanide, which is poisonous for humans and dogs, the only difference for us is, we can’t pick out the seeds, we lack fingers.

How do you cook cabbage for dogs?

To cook up some cabbage for your dog, boil or steam it in a pot of hot water. Serve it to us when it has cooled down.

My owner forgot to let it cool down, and I was so annoyed with them about my burned tongue. Not impressed.

You should set a guideline for how much you give them too. A big boy like me will be allowed much more cabbage than the Pomeranian down the road.

You should give a dog one eighth of a cup for every 20lbs they weigh. Most Pomeranians only weight 7lbs, so she would only get a bit under 1/16th of a cup.

I weigh 80lbs, which is quite small, but I’m still growing. So I would get half a cup of cabbage,

What food gives dogs gas?

Much alike to how there are plenty of foods that give you humans the toots, we also suffer a with flatulence when we eat certain things.

Soybeans, peas, beans, high-fat diets, and spicy food, as well as milk are all foods that will lead us to tooting like there’s no tomorrow.

Many of us are lactose intolerant, so this can go beyond just flatulence, similarly cabbage, especially raw and in excess will make us flatulent, but it can also give us an upset tummy if we have too much.

Just remember that what we can have, let us have in moderation.

I best get going, the couch cushion is looking at me weird again, I have to go and teach it a lesson. Bye humans! Ruff!!