Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Dogs have a reputation for eating anything they can get their paws on. As a corgi, I am here to confirm that this is, in fact, true.

We dogs will try and make a snack out of anything we can find. Of course, just because we will try and eat anything, doesn’t mean we should. 

As a dog myself, I fancy myself somewhat of an expert on all things snack-related.

I know exactly what foods dogs should and shouldn’t be eating (having had my fair share of experience with eating something I shouldn’t have…). That’s why I have decided to use this article to tell you all about brussel sprouts. Specifically, whether dogs can eat them. 

Brussel sprouts are these round, green balls that humans seem to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with.

As such, small humans often try to palm them off to the family dogs whilst the tall humans aren’t looking. But are they good for us? I will be answering that question and many more in this article. 

Can brussel sprouts be poisonous for dogs? 

There are many foods out there that are poisonous to us dogs that should be avoided at all costs. However, brussel sprouts are not one of them.

Brussel sprouts are safe for consumption by dogs, and will not poison them due to the fact that they contain no toxins that are harmful to dogs. That being said, they should be eaten in moderation (more on this later), and not fed to them every day. 

Not only are sprouts not poisonous for dogs but they also have some fantastic health benefits. They are laden with vitamins, packed full of fiber, and have lots of antioxidants.

They are particularly high in vitamin K which is essential to help the blood clot properly in dogs, as well as protect your pooch’s heart and build their bones. Sprouts have also been known to have anti-inflammatory effects and can boost blood circulation. 

Do brussel sprouts make dogs fart? 

So, remember we told you in the previous section that dogs should be fed brussel sprouts in moderation? Well, the reason for this is because they give us the stinkiest farts!

We’re talking super loud, stinky, constant farts. Take it from me, Cheddar the corgi, you only need to eat a spoonful too much of brussel sprouts and you’ll be farting loud enough for the dog next door to hear. 

As humans, I am sure you know just how bad a dog’s farts are anyway. The reason they get so bad after eating brussel sprouts is down to the isothiocyanate.

What this does is get the intestinal muscles to work harder to push food and waste through the intestinal tract. In turn, there is a build up of excess bacteria. The only way this bacterium can escape is through the body as gas (A.K.A farts). 

When eaten in any amount it is not uncommon for the consumer to experience gas (I know you humans know exactly what I am talking about!), and so, yes brussel sprouts can make dogs fart.

Something to keep in mind, however, is the fact that whilst flatulence is normal if your pooch is still experiencing symptoms for a few days, and their toilet habits of change, or even if they just seem unwell, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Whilst brussel sprouts have not been known to be harmful to dogs, some dogs can have intolerances, just like humans, and so long-lasting flatulence from brussel sprouts without any sign of it easing off could indicate an intolerance. 

How many brussel sprouts can a dog eat? 

Whilst vegetables are great in large amounts for humans, for dogs when it comes to brussel sprouts they do not need much at all. In fact, it is recommended that you start them off with very small amounts to try.

Depending on the size of your dog give them one sprout, or perhaps even half a sprout for the first attempt.

If you find that they like the sprout and don’t experience excessive flatulence, you can begin to increase their serving up to 3 sprouts. Ensure you only do this as an occasional treat, though. 

How to cook brussel sprouts for dogs? 

You should not give uncooked brussel sprouts to dogs as they could be very difficult to chew and even harder to digest. Instead, you should ensure that you cook them thoroughly, ensuring they are fully cool before feeding them to your pooch. 

We particularly like it when you steam our brussel sprouts as this keeps in all of the nutrients. However, you can also boil them or even microwave them if you are in a cinch. 

Before cooking them ensure they are firm and fresh and a nice green color. You should wash them thoroughly and cut off any stems, just leaving behind the round bulb-like structure with leaves.

To cook them you should steam them for around 8 minutes, microwave them for around 8 minutes, or boil them for 10 minutes. 

Ensure you do not add salt, herbs, spices, or oils to sprouts too. Us dogs prefer our brussel sprouts plain! 

Always consult a vet before feeding your dog any new food, especially if they have had dietary issues and intolerances before.

Do not be tempted to feed them food that was once on your plate as there may be salt, certain seasonings, sauce, or oil on there that can hurt your dog. 


There you have it! I am happy to confirm that brussel sprouts are indeed safe for dogs and can provide many health benefits provided they are served in moderation.

They are not poisonous and are unlikely to make your dog sick due to the fact they contain no toxins.

Follow my dog-approved guide to know exactly how much to serve and how to cook them. Farts are to be expected (although closely monitor how long your dog’s symptoms last, and take them to a vet if you are worried). 

Your dog is bound to enjoy this delicious green snack. Just be prepared for the inevitable farts that will erupt from your pooch afterward. Pffffft…..